Monday, January 2, 2017

This week in the kitchen

Monday/2-Jan-17: Tonight's dinner was a half recipe of Sausage-&-Quinoa-Stuffed Zucchini (web; cookbooker), which was pretty good. For a starter, I used up some magret fumé, laying the pieces out with slices of avocado, and a little pile of some shredded lettuce, all topped with a bit of vinaigrette. Pretty good. I had some fromage blanc topped with sucre de canne for dessert; Ed had a mini magnum.

Tuesday/3-Jan-17: Worked on the meal plan and list today, plus putting pressure cooker recipes into the spreadsheet. Still have a couple more books to add.

Oscar showed up this afternoon covered in blood. Missing his collar; bunches of holes in his right front leg; a claw ripped off his right rear paw. Off to the vet, who thought the holes in his leg might be buckshot! But not worth xraying to find out for sure since the treatment is the same. Because his kidneys are failing, he can't have painkillers (steroids), so he'll just have to tough it out. He's leaving bloody footprints all over the house.

Dinner started out to be Spaghetti with Parsley Pesto and Sausage (web), but I hadn't paid attention to exactly how much parsley was needed (5 cups), so was notably deficient in that area. Instead I used up my broccoli to make the pesto. Wasn't great, wasn't bad. For dessert we had pieces of a three kings' cake, but neither of us got the token. Tomorrow!

Yogurt on overnight.

Wednesday/4-Jan-17: Shopping today.

Dinner was Chili-Rubbed Salmon with Avocado Salsa (web). It wasn't bad. Served with polenta.  Ed had his piece of three kings' cake for breakfast; I had mine for dessert. And got the token.

Oscar is still leaving bloody footprints. We're finding more little holes in his body. Still can't imagine what happened.

Thursday/5-Jan-17: We've recently had another mouse visitor, a little one, who caught herself in the trap we'd left set for months. We found her dead, although she hadn't been dead too long. This afternoon I cleaned the middle section of shelves, where she seems to have been busy. Tossed a bunch of out-of-date stuff while I was at it. This little mouse liked vital gluten and made quite a mess breaking into that package. Shelves down I found an enormous mess, including peanut skins. Haven't discovered where the peanuts came from.

Tonight's dinner started with Leeks Vinaigrette (Essential, p217; cookbooker), which was tasty and quite simple to make. Our main dish was chicken from the pressure cooker. No dessert for me; Ed had a mini magnum.

Friday/6-Jan-17: We had our mail meal early today, a risotto from the pressure cooker. Then a big salad, using the leftover vinaigrette from yesterday's leeks. I had a mini magnum for dessert.

Saturday/7-Jan-17: Dinner was a half dose of Tunisian Meatballs (web or web).  (This is actually from a cookbook I don't have, but might need to get one day. I've seen only very good comments about it.) This dish was super. I made it with ground beef. You make the sauce and the mixture for the meatballs early in the day, then fry up the meatballs and simmer them in the sauce when you're ready to eat. I served with what I think are Israeli couscous, with a bitter butter, some golden raisins, and a dash or cinnamon, as suggested. Yum.

Yogurt on overnight.

Sunday/8-Jan-17: Dinner was a halfish recipe of One-Skillet Chicken Pot Pie in Just 30 Minutes (web). I used cooked chicken from the freezer, turkey stock instead of chicken, carrots I cut and boiled myself along with frozen peas. Dumplings on top. We were full.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 VEG/FISH: 2
This month: #3 PASTA: yes; #4 BREAD: no

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