Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kitchen goals old and new

Kitchen goals for 2016

Well, I finished my Foods of the World project, enjoying much of it, but did fairly abysmally with the rest of my 2016 goals.
  • Backlog — Started out okay with this, but rapidly ran out of steam. I need to either get busy or get tossing before we're buried in recipe clippings. I have picked up random handfuls of recipes from stacks around the house and thinned them out severely, but need to work on the stacks and binders by the cookbooks most of all.
  • Veg/fish meals — In 2016, I averaged three vegetarian or fish meals per week. Have done better, but three meets the goal. A bit handicapped for this year since Ed was prescribed to eat more beef to get his hemoglobin up.
  • Pasta — Only made pasta once this year. 
  • Bread — No good here either. I did re-start the Craftsy bread project, but didn't get far. One more time with that.
  • Foods of the World — Yay! Finished this 3-year project.
After saying I wouldn't, I've joined another only cooking group where I have to write posts frequently. This rather conflicts with a life goal of spending less time at the computer. I've used Cookbook Countdown to help with finishing the Foods of the World projects. Now I can move on to other cookbooks, so it might be useful to continue. My posts are usually minimal.

Another issue is whether to continue with this blog at all. Since I haven't come up with a better way of recording what I've been cooking, I'll muddle on for another year. Last year I stopped getting printed copies of the blog, and got PDFs instead. These are searchable, so they can be quite handy.

Kitchen goals for 2017

I think for 2017, I'll just keep with last year's goals, except for the Foods of the World. Participation in Cookbook Countdown is optional, but fun and useful.
  1. Backlog — Spend at least one hour each week on reducing my recipe clipping backlog and working out how this can be contained. Stacks and notebooks all over the house (living, dining, bedroom, office, anyplace else) should be reduced to a single, maintainable, usable system. My weekly menu planning routine should include reference to the backlog.
  2. Veg/fish meals — Still aiming for at lest three vegetarian or fish meals per week.
  3. Pasta — Make fresh pasta at least once a month.
  4. Bread — Make real bread (non-ABM) once a month. Doing the Craftsy bread course would be a plus.

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  1. Love the contents of this post, good to keep record of sorts. May I suggest you scan your recipe clippings and keep the PDFs in CDs. I am thinking of doing this for my box of old clippings! And thank you for keeping company with us at CC for another year!