Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cookbook Countdown: Chocolate Pudding

I'm hoping to find a recipe for a fast and easy dessert from the pressure cooker. Tonight we had Chocolate Pudding (p205), from Patricia Phillips' Pressure Cooking is Pleasure Cooking. This was tasty, but more cake-like than pudding-like, and not definitely not fast to assemble.

The "pudding" is made very like a cake. First you cream together butter and sugar*, then add a beaten egg. Dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt, and cocoa) are sifted together. These are added alternately with milk.

* Because this is is a U.S. cook book, I cut the sugar from 3/4cup to 1/2cup. This is one of the few times when reducing the sugar wasn't actually necessary.

The batter goes in a buttered mold; I used the middle of my three nested Pyrex bowls. This is covered securely with aluminum foil. As advised in one of my pressure cooker books, I also used a long strip of folded foil placed under the bowl to help lift the bowl from the cooker.

This is cooked for 15 minutes at no pressure, just the steam escaping from the exhaust. Then for 25 minutes at pressure. Finally, you let the pressure drop of its own accord. A very cake-like "pudding" emerged.

Topped with a bit of cream, this was pretty tasty.  Not the pudding I expected from the title (if not from the ingredients and procedure), but still good.

January starts a new year with Cookbook Countdown. Why don't you choose a book, or two, or more, from your cookbook shelf and join in?


  1. Was this in an Instant Pot. This looks good. I would prefer cake anyway.

  2. It does look like a cake, but I'm not sure that is negative, unless you really were looking for pudding, then it might be a bit disappointing. Interesting to see that you can make something like this at all...and dessert is dessert! :-)

  3. You're right, cake was only a negative because I expected pudding. Will have to scratch that itch this week.

  4. It looks good! I once made a choc pudding of Nigella Lawson's recipe, and it came out cake-like pudding, but it was really delicious.
    Sorry for stopping by so late, I was on an unplanned blogging break. Hurt my back while cleaning my kitchen and got to rest for a few weeks!