Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cookbook Countdown: Garlic Lemon Chicken

About a year ago, we retired our old pressure with its warped bottom, and replaced it with a more modern one. For one reason or another I've hardly used this in the last months. I'd already planned to declare January Pressure Cooker Month and cook from my assortment of pressure cooker cookbooks. The lovely folks who run Cookbook Countdown were reading my mind when they suggested participants could cook from one or many cookbooks each month. So here I am, leaping in with my many.

To start off my month of pressure cooking, I chose Garlic Lemon Chicken, a recipe I collected from EAT-L in 2000. (Yes, it's been languishing in a stack for quite a while.) The recipe from The Best Pressure Cooker Cookbook Ever, by Pat Dailey (p34). The person who contributed the recipe recommended the book, so I bought myself a copy.

The result was very tasty and easy to assemble. Because there are only two of us and I didn't want to deal with leftovers, I made a half recipe with four largish thighs standing it for half a chicken. These are first browned in the pressure cooker. Then you add some small red potatoes, a lot of minced garlic, some dry white wine and chicken stock, the juice of a lemon, dried oregano, and a big pinch of crushed red pepper flakes. To be sure I had enough liquid for cooking, I used the full amount of liquid.

From this cookbook, I learned that chicken is best cooked at the lower pressure of your pressure cooker. Our old cooker didn't have that option, but now I can do this. The chicken takes 16 minutes at the lower pressure or 12 minutes a high pressure.

This being a new-fangled rocker-less pressure cooker, I haven't gotten hang of recognizing when it's up to pressure. The instructions say it makes a steady PSCHHHT (that's French) when it's up to pressure. I didn't especially notice a change from no noise to PSCHHHT, so I started timing a bit late. After a bit we both noticed the start of a burning smell, so I released the pressure. The chicken and potatoes were fine, but the sauce was a bit burnt on the bottom of the pan. It still tasted fine, if just a bit smoky. The chicken was perfectly cooked with a nice texture and taste.

I'm looking forward to trying out some more pressure cooker recipes and to getting the hang of hearing the PSCHHHT at proper time.

January starts a new year with Cookbook Countdown. Why don't you choose a book, or two, or more, from your cookbook shelf and join in?


  1. It looks delicious...and I love the idea of it taking so little time, now if only I could be brave enough to try a pressure cooker. It might sort of be like running with scissors for me. I'll aspire. :-)

  2. Delicious!! LOL

  3. Such a delicious meal! Like both Kayte and Emily, I am not brave enough to use a pressure cooker! Been tempted to get one a number of times though, but always chicken out in the end!
    Glad to know that the suggestion to cook from multiple cookbooks is well received by everyone!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Excellent! Looks tasty. Did you include the potatoes in with the chicken? Hubs gave me the Instant Pot for Christmas so I am looking for new pressure (and slow) cooking recipes. Used to use the pressure cooker a lot but with just the two of us I haven't much lately.

    1. Yes, potatoes and everything in the pot. It really was easy and good.
      I've been looking at this book again lately, and think this may become my primary p.c. book. There really are a lot of appealing recipes.