Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Wiener Schnitzel and Green Beans Paprika

Time-Life Foods of the World: Cooking of Vienna's Empire provided most of tonight's dinner. This time we had—couldn't not make this one—Wiener Schnitzel–Breaded Veal Cutlets (p36), served with Fazolové Lusky na Paprice–Green Beans Paprika (p58) and mashed potatoes.

Ed said this was pretty good as wiener schnitzel goes. It's your standard kind of breaded thing, dredged first in flour, then in beaten egg and water, then in bread crumbs. The coated cutlets sit in the fridge for 20 minutes, then get fried in lots of lard. Well, not here they didn't, instead it was a goodly bit of grapeseed oil. I considered serving with anchovy butter as suggested, but decided on lemon slices, which is how I've always had it.

The green beans were also a hit. Finely chopped onion is sautéed softly in a bit of butter. When they're very soft, a lot of paprika is stirred in, then a mixture sour cream (I used crème fraîche) and flour is added. After that has simmered for a bit, the green beans (haricots verts here), which have already been cooked, are added and heated through. Very nice. The green beans can be prepared ahead and the sauce prepared without much supervision at the last minute, so it makes a nice company kind of veg.

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  1. That meal looks scrumptious! The pairing of the schnitzel with the green beans and mashed potatoes looks delicious!