Friday, August 5, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Melons Stuffed with Cherries and Whipped Cream

More from Time-Life Foods of the World: Cooking of Vienna's Empire. Dessert for tonight's dinner was Melons Stuffed with Cherries and Whipped Cream—Gefülte Melonen (p81). (Stuffed with melon balls, too, but the recipe title doesn't indicate that.

This was a nice, refreshing dessert, but not as elegant in appearance as it should have been. Each person is served a half melon shell filled with melon balls and cherries that has been folded into sweetened, vanilla-flavored whipped cream.

Once upon a time, I did have a melon baller, but it seems to have disappeared along the way. So I used a small spoon to make "balls."

Cherries are out of season now, so I used frozen ones. The upside of that is that I didn't have to pit the cherries.

Whipping cream, that's another question. Cream with a high-enough fat content to make stiff peaks, simply isn't available here. I still don't understand that. But it's something all the English-speaking cooks I know complain of. The carton I bought even said it was good for chantilly (French whipped cream), but soft peaks is all you're going to get. By the time the fruit is folded in, it's fairly soggy. But it tastes very good.

I used only half the required sugar, and we both thought it was perfect.

This is definitely something that might get made again, but I don't think I'd serve it in melon shell, if since the filling doesn't "stand up" in a way that makes it attractive.

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  1. This would be great chilled straight from the fridge! Watermelons are a favourite around here, and I have not tried it in desserts like this. Most of the time, the melons get eaten up pretty quickly!

  2. I didn't say this, because I used assumed it, maybe having been in Europe too long. The recipe asked for small cantaloups. I used small Charentaise melons, which are very much like small cantaloups. This is likely to be what they have in Austria also. I was surprised how well the cantaloup and cherries went together. Now if I could just find some cream that would actually whip up properly.