Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Schinkenfleckerln

More from Time-Life Foods of the World: Cooking of Vienna's Empire. I neglected to add a photo of the books with the my first post, so I'm making up for that here. (For those not familiar with the Time-Life Foods of the World series, each "volume" consists of a hardback book that describes the cuisine of the appointed area plus a spiral-bound recipe book.)

Tonight's dinner was Schinkenfleckerln—Little Ham and Noodle Patches (p54). This is typically served for a light lunch or supper, preceded by soup and accompanied by a salad. We skipped the soup, but had a salad as a go-with.

The recipe says it serves four and we will have four servings from it. The dish is very plain, no spices or fancy fixings, making it real comfort food. Finely chopped onions are sautéed, then broad noodles, already cooked, are sautéed a bit. (A total of 8 tablespoons of butter was asked for this sautéing. I used half that.) The skilletful of pasta and onions is stirred into a mixture of sour cream (crème fraîche) and eggs with some chopped ham and S&P. This is turned into a casserole dish that has been lined with bread crumbs, then baked.

Lacking anything I could call "broad egg noodles" that I could cut into 1" pieces, I boiled some (flat) lasagna noodles and cut them into squarish bits. After rinsing, those dried on towels while I did some other things in the kitchen before getting round to dinner.

We have enough for another meal. Not sure how cold, eggy noodles will do cold, so this will probably get reheated.

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  1. I have never seen noodle dish like this! Smart of you to use the lasagna noodles in replace of the egg noodles! With eggs, ham and creme fraiche, I agree with you on the salad instead of soup. Lovely meal!

  2. I make lots of noodle-y dishes, but none quite like this. It's very plain, but satisfying. The leftovers, warmed up, were good.