Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Paprika Schnitzel and Zucchini with Dill Sauce

Again, most of tonight's dinner came from Time-Life Foods of the World: Cooking of Vienna's Empire. We had Paprika Schnitzel—Veal Cutlets with Paprika (p35), served with Zucchetti mit Dill—Zucchini with Dill Sauce (p64) and tagliatelle.

This time the veal was marinated in lemon juice for an hour before cooking. This lent a nice lemony taste to the meat, but it didn't seem to brown very well, even though I dried the pieces well before dredging with flour. After the meat is cooked, the pieces are removed to a warm place while the sauce is made. Onions are browed in butter, then lots of paprika is stirred in , then a bit of chicken stock is added to deglaze the pan, and finally sour cream (crème fraîche) mixed with flour is aded to finish it off. Quite edible.

The zucchini dish was good, but ... it calls for peeling, seeding, and julienning the zukes. I didn't peel mine, but I did scrape out seeds. In the end I thought this was useless. If it were to do this again, I'd make 1/8" slices of the washed zucchinis, then cut these into 1/8" strips. That would be just as nice, I think. The pile of bits is salted and left to sweat for a while. Mine were a bit short-changed in this area, but I don't think it made any difference. The strips are slowly cooked in butter, then the sour cream/flour mixture is stirred in. When the sauce is thick, add sugar, vinegar, and some chopped fresh dill. Nice flavors altogether. (Lacking guidance, I used cider vinegar, since that was pretty standard in the early 70s.)

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  1. You're cooking a lot from that cookbook, considering the time of year! I still have to crack it, obsessed as I am with Meera Sodha's Indian cookbooks right now.

    1. Why don't you join Cookbook Countdown with Meera Sodha?

      I still have one I'd like to sneak in for August, but not sure if I'll have time.

  2. Paprika veal looks delicious. Lovely meal with the zucchini and tagliatelle!