Monday, June 27, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Potato Salad with Bacon Bits

Tonight's barbecued kip filets* were accompanied by Potato Salad with Bacon Bits (p13) from the Time-Life Foods of the World's American Cooking: The Northwest volume.

* Kip filets are skinless, boneless chicken breast halves in Dutch. It's so much easier to say that it's become part of our household vocabulary.

Ed usually doesn't like vinegary potato salads, but this one was a hit. I made a half recipe, which should served 6-8 and we managed to eat all of it. Oink, oink.

This is an easy salad to make. The potatoes are boiled, then peeled and sliced. I didn't peel mine. They were new potatoes from the Ile de Ré, on sale this week*; some of the thin peel scrubbed off, some of it came off as I sliced them, the rest stayed right where it belongs. The slices are kept warm while you cook a bunch of bacon**, and then some finely chopped onion. Finally some vinegar, water, S&P, and dry mustard are added to the skillet with the onion, brought to a boil, and poured over the potatoes, which are then tossed with the bacon and some chives.

* I picked up two one-kilo sacks of these when we first entered the grocery store this week, from the area where they have this week's specials on display. When I got around to the veggie area, I was accosted by a woman trying to sell me potatoes. When she saw what I had in my basket, she congratulated me on my good choice.

** I used lardons instead of bacon. These are the same bit of the pig as bacon, but cut in thick, short matchsticks. This is a wonderful French invention that's good in many places where you might use bacon.

The result was a very tasty potato salad.

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  1. Lardons, bacon are a perfect match with potatoes! This is the just the kind of potato salad that my family would love. Looks delicious!