Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Blue-Cheese Salad Dressing

Tonight's dinner was supposed to be a chicken with mushroom sauce from the Time-Life Foods of the World's American Cooking: The Northwest volume. Oops, I forgot to buy mushrooms while shopping yesterday. We went to a little market today, but there were no shrooms to be found there. Replan for the main course.

But forward with the planned salad, using Northwest's Blue-Cheese Salad Dressing (p11). Picture-wise, there's not much to look at. I kept the salad simple, topped with the last of some (very brown) croutons from the freezer, to highlight the dressing, which was very nice. (I liked it a lot; Ed thought it tasted too much of blue cheese.)

Usually when I want some blue cheese dressing, I just crumble up the cheese in a regular sort of vinaigrette. This is a bit more complex, and quite nice. The blue cheese (I used bleu d'Auvergne, which was on sale this week) is crumbled and mashed together with some heavy cream (slightly less by volume).  A small garlic clove is minced, then crushed in a bowl with a wooden spoon (mortar and pestle worked better), then mixed with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt. Then the cheese-cream mixure is stirred in by the spoonful

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  1. I got to try this method of mashing blue cheese with heavy cream, it does sounds good. And I guess that the strong taste of the blue cheese will be lighter when mixed with the heavy cream. Lovely salad, I like the dressing, one that I know I will enjoy very much!