Friday, June 24, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Lingcod with Garlic and Tomatoes

More from American Cooking: The Northwest, my Time-Life Foods of the World book for the last half of May and June. Today was shopping day, which usually means fish for dinner. With that in mind, tonight's dinner was Lingcod with Garlic and Tomatoes (p31). Lingcod isn't available (not even sure what it's called in French), but there was lieu noir, which I think is a pollock, not really cod, but related, as is lingcod. With a good taste and cod-like texture, lieu noir has become one of our favorite fish lately.

This is a simple recipe, and reminded me of dishes from The Cooking Spain and Portugal volume of this series. The fish fillets are first quickly fried then set aside. Then, in the same pan, garlic is softened, and a mound of tomatoes that have been skinned, seeded, and chopped is added to cook until the liquid has evaporated. Salt, pepper, and chopped parsley are stirred in, then the fish returned to the pan to warm for a few minutes. And there's you're dinner.

The fish is very simply seasons, and the sauce really depends on some good quality tomatoes, so it's a nice one for this season where the good ones are starting to become available.

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  1. An interesting post on fish! Cod is very expensive where I am located but my hubby eats mostly Salmon. A simple yet delicious way to cook fish.

  2. I'm not sure about lingcod, but like Emily says, cod is very, very expensive over here. I love simple dishes like this, and it looks good as the main dish to eat with rice.