Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Green Bean Salad

This week, I'm starting to cook more with my Time-Life Foods of the World book for the last half of May and June—that's American Cooking: The Northwest. To go with tonight's pork chops, I made Green Bean Salad (p12).

This is a simple salad to make and would be a good one to take along to a pot luck meal or a picnic. I used haricots verts, rather than string beans, since that's what available in the shops. The recipe calls for the cherry tomatoes to be added whole; I halved and deseeded them, since that's required in our house.  (Also, I prefer them halved, since biting into a whole cherry tomato can be embarrassing if you're not paying attention!)

The green beans, cherry tomatoes, and red onion rings are tossed with a mild vinaigrette of red wine vinegar, dry mustard, and olive oil. That's it.

Coincidentally, earlier in the week, I made a very similar salad to accompany a pot roast dinner. (Since we shop right now on Fridays, this was another meal planning cycle.) The other salad used balsamic vinegar  and lemon juice instead of red wine vinegar, added garlic powder and feta, and called for the cherry tomatoes to be halved and for the green beans to be cut into 1-1/2" pieces. The shorter pieces are not as pretty, but are easier to eat. The household opinion on these two salads is divided, since I like feta and Ed doesn't. Both are good.

Stop by Cookbook Countdown to see what other folks are making from their June cookbook. You could even join in if you want!


  1. A simple and lovely salad! This would be great with just any meal. You got me smiling at the "biting into a whole cherry tomato"!

  2. Healthier choice of dish! I like it :D

  3. I love the sound of both dressings for your salads this week!