Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas dinner 2011

A small xmas this year, since neither of us were much in the mood for one reason or another. Simple table, simple meal.

For a starter, we again had slices of the foie gras wrapped with dried magret, bought at a marché de nöel. The vendor we bought from previously wasn't there, so we bought this from someone else, a very nice lady speaking very slowly and distinctly for the gringos. It was good, but neither of us thought it was as special as it has been in previous years. Here's Ed about to tuck in.

Also at the marché, I bought some ostrich steaks from a farm in the Dordogne. These turned into Ostrich Medallions with Gin Sauce. The recipe was originally for emu, but ostrich works just fine. Before cooking, the bird medallions sat around for a bit with a coating of green peppercorns (I used pink, there being no green ones in-house), juniper berries, and garlic. For the sauce, the pan was deglazed with a mixture of wildfond (stock from game, since no beef stock was in-house), port, chopped shallots, and a dab of gin. Between the juniper berries and the bit of gin, that was the strongest flavor, although it all went together quite well.

As go-withs I made potatoes Dauphinoise (BEFCC, p51) and roasted up some more Brussels sprouts. The potatoes are a classic and this recipe always turns out well. For two people who have never particularly cared for Brussels sprouts, we're getting to be big fans of roasted sprouts; they're much better than steamed or, yuck, boiled.

And for dessert there was chocolate pasta, which got its own post, a different turn on my monthly pasta.

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