Thursday, December 22, 2011

Curried Creamed Eggs

The Best 125 Meatless Pasta Dishes
Mindy Toomay and Susan Geiskopf Hadler
Prima Lifestyles (1991)
ISBN 155958145X

This morning I went to make something else for Cookbook Sundays and discovered that I didn't have enough butter at room temp. By the time I got a chunk defrosted, other things were happening, so that recipe will have to wait a day or two.

Instead, tonight I ended up making a second recipe from The Best 125 Meatless Pasta Dishes, by Mindy Toomay and Susann Geiskopf Hadler. After a quick read through the book, I've got quite a few stickies marking recipes to try. This evening, for one reason or another, I didn't feel like making the dinner I'd planned, so I opted for Curried Creamed Eggs instead (which, I'm sure, means this book no longer qualifies as never or rarely used).

This recipe is fairly quick to make and, because of the peas and carrots, could even qualify as a one-dish meal, which is quite nice when you're feeling rushed or lazy. (Who, me?)

Two small problems with the recipe as printed: It says that it yields 8 main-course servings. But this must be only four. A quick glance through the book shows that other recipes are generally either 4 main-course servings or 8 side-dish servings. I suspect this is an error that didn't get caught in the editing. I also found that the sauce wanted more milk than shown. I expect the full amount of milk (1-1/2 cups) would have been fine for my half version. I started with a cup and then added a slog near the end to thin the sauce a bit.

Start by sautéing some chopped onions in butter (ok, I used shallots, and some garlic wouldn't hurt, I expect). When they are soft, stir in some flour and curry powder. When this is smelling nice, stir in the warmed milk. (I don't suppose this really has to be warm, but I set it in a pan on a very low flame when I started the onions.)

If all's going well, your pasta water will be coming to a boil about now and you can add the pasta.

And here's where I made a major change to the recipe. Instead of chopping a couple of hard-boiled eggs and stirring them into the sauce, while the sauce was simmering, I added two eggs and poached them.

When the eggs were done, I removed each to one of the little dishes I'd used for the chopped shallot and the flour/curry addition. Then warm the peas the sauce and add the sliced carrots to the boiling pasta for the last minute of cooking. Mix the drained pasta and carrots with the sauce and serve, topping each with a poached egg.

Not a bad dinner. Some chopped chives or even parsley on top would have been pretty, but we were ready to eat.

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  1. I love quick, simple, meatless, pasta dishes like this, and I love your idea of poaching the eggs in the sauce instead of using hard boiled eggs.

    Thanks so much for sharing with Cookbook Sundays xo