Saturday, December 24, 2011

Banana Coffee Cake Muffins

Cinagro Farm, Family Favorites from the Farm and beyond...
Carol Engan Borrelli
Morris Press Cookbooks (2008)
ISBN 1605851795

This is a book that got raves when it came out. Plastic ring-bound, a bit homemade looking, it's the kind of book I usually like, but someone this one never grabbed me. I will try to give it a chance now.

This is the first recipe I've made from this book, and I wasn't overly pleased. The muffins were so-so, and I found the instructions a bit weak. For example, it says to mix butter, sugar, egg, lemon zest, and milk in a bowl. But it's pretty hard work to mix room temperature butter into so much liquid. Better to cream the butter and sugar first and then add the liquid-y things.

The recipe calls for 1-1/2 tablespoons of baking powder, which seemed like an awful lot to me. A quick look at other muffin recipes showed no more than 1 tablespoon, so I cut this back. The muffins rose plenty high even without the extra baking powder.

Oops, I forgot to add the topping. Sprinkled it on for the last 10 minutes of baking (which doesn't really work that well), but can't say it was missed. But we don't like our sweets over-sweet, so it wasn't a problem. (I've put the topping aside in case an excuse to use it turns up in the next days.)

The muffins were good enough, but probably not a recipe I'll make again.

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  1. Hi! Visiting from Cookbook Sundays. It's a bummer that the first recipe you tried wasn't that great. Hopefully the next one will be better. I have a muffin recipe that uses 2 Tbsp baking powder and the baking powder taste was overwhelming. Like you, I cut it down to 1 Tbsp. For what it's worth, the muffins do look nice.

  2. What a shame you were disappointed in your first recipe from your book - I hope you have more success with others. I agree with Michelle though - your muffins do look nice, and the combination of banana and coffee sounds great. Maybe the leftover topping could be sprinkled over some ice cream, or even stirred into softened ice cream and re-set.

    Thanks for sharing with Cookbook Sundays xo