Monday, June 28, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/28-Jun-10: Made some raspberry preserves in the morning, the same small batch recipe I used last year. It didn't seem to set up very well, but it smelled good while it was simmering. Otherwise, this was leftover day, with lunch from picnic and from yesterday at Sally and Mike's. At dinner time there was a salad.

Tuesday/29-Jun-10: Bought some juice at the grocery and put some popsicles in the freezer. For lunch we had the last of the leftovers. Dinner was Almond-Crusted Grilled Salmon with Garlic Sauce (License, p165), which turned out to be one of those recipes I'm glad I tried, but don't need to do again. Served with Courgettes aux Olives (C&Z, p139; soon to be MC), a nice addition to the zucchini repetoire, and lemon-parsley orzo. Dessert was some rice pudding from the grocery.

Wednesday/30-Jun-10: It's hot today. For lunch we had a big salad from a sack of mâche with beet shreds. Used last night's sauce (there's still more left) and the almond-cumin crunchies, along with the last bit of mozzarella from the fridge. It was good. For dessert we each had a fruit popsicle.

In the evening, we had our usual sandwiches and an unusually big plate of fruit (one plate for the two of us), that Ed thought needed a picture:

Thursday/1-Jul-10: For lunch, I browned one of the tins of mole that Jody gave us for xmas and added the leftover pork roast, a can of corn, and a can of chopped chilis. It was good and I've frozen one serving for another time.

Friday/2-Jul-10: Didn't make it to the Montbron market this morning, so again no chard tart. Lunch today at Le Roc du Boeuf. Only some munchies for dinner. Hot.

Saturday/3-Jul-10: We had sandwiches at the bric-à-brac in Montemboeuf at lunchtime. In the afternoon I made the plum-limoncello tart, which was pretty good in spite of all the things I managed to do wrong. For dinner we had a sorrel omelette. This turned out really good. The sour of the sorrel goes well with the creamy eggs. Followed by a salad and the tart. And a walk with the dog.

We've been eating the fruit popsicles every day. That's a nice, small treat on hot afternoons.

Hmm...I've just discovered that I've had my dates screwed up for the last few weeks. Corrected now.

Sunday/4-Jul-10: Last night we decided we make a grocery run this morning and get the makings for a bbq with hamburgers and potato salad and whatever other food consistent with the festivities we could think of. But one of us slept till almost 11.00 and the shops close at 12.30, so those plans got cancelled.

At Ed's suggestion, I made up some popsicles with half milk and half fruit juice. Tomorrow we'll see how these are. We split a piece of the plum limoncello tart after our lunch.

For dinner, I defrosted some of the Toupargel merquez for the bbq and made some Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Roasted Vegetables (MC 2BTried). I forgot that I used our zucch earlier in the week, so there was only eggplant for the salad and roasted red bell pepper strips from a jar. It was good anyhow. The merguez was much better than the horrible ones we had last year when Rob&Cindy&Ray were visiting. For dessert, we ate more of the plum-limoncello tart. We have one more piece left to split now.

CookbooksEtc Ingredient Contest 2010

  1. 23-May/28-May: strawberries — Balsamic Strawberries with Arugula and Goat Cheese
  2. 29-May/4-Jun: cheese — Spinach-Stuffed Anchos
  3. 5-Jun/11-Jun: whole wheat flour Ned and Crescent's Favorite Multigrain Pancakes
  4. 12-Jun/18-Jun: ground pork or pork sausage Curried Rice Noodles with Ground Meat
  5. 19-Jun/25-Jun: blueberries Tarte Amandine à la Myrtille
  6. 26-Jun/2-Jul: salmon Almond-Crusted Grilled Salmon with Garlic Sauce
  7. 3-Jul/9-Jul: potatoes
  8. 10-Jul/16-Jul: elbow macaroni
  9. 17-Jul-23-Jul: tomatoes

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