Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Halibut or Other Fish Steaks Sauced with White Wine and Anchovies

Cooking Italy Assignment
Halibut or Other Fish Steaks Sauced with White Wine and Anchovies, p300

It's decidedly not halibut season in this part of the world, so I decided to do this with skate fillets from the freezer, reducing the cooking time somewhat because they weren't as thick as the recipe asked. The flour-and-fry technique is fairly normal for thinner fillets, but seems a bit unusual on a thick cut as specified, but why not? At any rate, the fillets worked fine. Using two fillets totaling about 300g, I made half the sauce.

The recipe is quite simple. While you're sautéing the fish, you make a sauce of lots of chopped onions, parsley, white wine, and minced anchovies. (For anchovy-phobes, these completely disappear.) Once the fish is thoroughly browned, you add the sauce to the sauté pan and simmer for a bit, basting the fish. If you've got the room, you can push the fish to around and deglaze the pan a bit with the sauce. Plop the cooked fish on the plate, top with the sauce, and you're done. With thinner fillets like I used, the sauce should be started before the fish so that the onions are suitably soft. With the thicker, longer cooking steaks, it's probably sufficient to start them in parallel.

Not the most colorful of dishes, but it was quite tasty. I'll definitely consider doing this again, especially when halibut re-appears in the markets.

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  1. Looks healthy and delicious to me. I have to get over the anchovy thing, but on looks alone, this seems like it will be a really big hit.