Monday, June 14, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/14-Jun-10: Back from Nohant. Cooked some rice while we lunched and put it in the fridge to cool for some pineapple fried rice with scallops as James mentioned quite a while ago. Oops! No scallops in the freezer. Ended up making and easy old favorite, Curried Penne with Shrimp (MC, 365OneDish) only to discover that we were almost out of frozen, cooked shrimp too. Egads, inventory control is getting pretty poor around here. Made a salad with lettuce from the garden, the leftover asparagus, and boiled potatoes. For afters, we had about half of the chunk of Brie de Meaux that I got last week, along with the really good bread that we got at a boulanger in La Châtre as we were leaving there.

All the rummaging in the freezer reminded me to get the lamb out to defrost for a lamb saag attempt. Started a batch of yogurt that will be ready in the morning.

Tuesday/15-Jun-10: Cooking really not on my mind today. Late lunch of Moroccan Chickpea Tagine with Harissa (MC), only inventory control seems to have failed again, so it was black beans in place of the missing chickpeas. We finished off one of those Napolitain cakes for dessert. Oink. Now we have to flip a coin to see who's going to the boulanger this afternoon for bread.

Wednesday/16-Jun-10: For lunch, I made the lamb version of Beef or Lamb with Spinach (Q&E, p36, reviewed at cookbooker). Yummy!

The limoncello is straining. Certainly smells like lemon.

Thursday/17-Jun-10: Lunch was the ground meat variation of Curried Rice Noodles with Vegetables (H2CE, p174, reviewed at cookbooker), using ground pork for the CookbooksEtc contest. Another winner and a very versatile recipe.

Friday/18-Jun-10: Shopped today and come home with many things that now need to be used up. A surprise was finding blueberries to use for the next CookbooksEtc dish — and I've picked the dish too! Also ran into a treasure trove of cilantro. One box for cilantro pesto, if I can find that recipe, and another for whatever I can find. Need to sit down tomorrow and plan all the use-me-ups, especially the blueberries and cilantro. Earlier in the day I dropped in on the market in Montbron with Yvonne. There was an organic stand there with some good-looking stuff, a regular veggie stand with a good selection, a stand with volaille, and cheese and fish stands. Might be worth returning to. Both the market and the grocery store had good-looking chard today, so it might be time to replan the Swiss Chard Torte for Cooking Italy.

Tonight I finally make the Thai fried rice with scallops, although it was a bit "bare" since I couldn't find the shrimp paste I thought I had in the back of the fridge. Will try this again whenever I can find shrimp paste. It was pretty tasty as it was, but the extra oomph might have good. It was a very uncolorful looking plate, though. Grilling the scallops and plopping them on top of the rice might help, but better might be to stir in a lot of chopped cilantro just before serving.

Saturday/19-Jun-10: Lunch today was Papillotes de Bar aux Asperges (C&Z, p98, cookbooker), using flétan (halibut) instead of sea bass, accompanied by some parsleyed pasta and followed by a salad. The fish was a nice idea. Dusoulier has you cut the bits of asparagus in half lengthwise so they'll cook in the same time as the fish, but it didn't work. They should have been steamed halfway before assembling the packets. Next time ...

Later I made he Tarte Amandine à la Myrtille (C&Z, p188, cookbooker) for the CookbooksEtc contest. Very good and easy. We'll probably finish this off for breakfast!

Sunday/20-Jun-10: Blueberry tart for breakfast and as dessert after dinner. All gone. Yum.

Taking advantage of the first sunny, if a bit cold, day in quite a while, Ed agreed to barbecue our dinner. I defrosted two coquelets, spatchlocked them, and used the rub from Grilled West Indies Spice Rubbed Chicken Breast with Grilled Banana (Thrill, p165). This was really tasty. I've frozen about half of the rub to use again. Cooked some sweet potatoes like Dusoulier's roast potatoes, using a goodly dash of homemade cajun spice for flavoring; these were good. Made some Green Bean and Corn Salsa Salad (MC) ; also good. Have bits of both of these left. After finishing off the tarte amandine, we had a dab of limoncello. Lemony, but awfully sweet, and I didn't even use an especially sweet recipe. Think I'll put the bottle in the freezer, rather than the fridge, since it's probably better icier.

Started yogurt to be ready in the morning.

CookbooksEtc Ingredient Contest 2010
  1. 23-May/28-May: strawberries — Balsamic Strawberries with Arugula and Goat Cheese
  2. 29-May/4-Jun: cheese — Spinach-Stuffed Anchos
  3. 5-Jun/11-Jun: whole wheat flour Ned and Crescent's Favorite Multigrain Pancakes
  4. 12-Jun/18-Jun: ground pork or pork sausage Curried Rice Noodles with Ground Meat
  5. 19-Jun/25-Jun: blueberries Tarte Amandine à la Myrtille
  6. 26-Jun/2-Jul: salmon

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