Monday, June 21, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/21-Jun-10: For lunch, I made a broccoli-shrimp stir-fry very loosely based on Seafood Broccoli Stir-Fry from my MC 2BTried cookbook. Good enough, but nothing worth keeping.

Out of bread again. Made some Cornmeal Bread (BigGerman, p35) so we'd have something for breakfast.

Tuesday/22-Jun-10: Pizza for lunch today. Grilled the rest of the asparagus, some zucchini, and some eggplant slices; used some faux pizza sauce from the freezer, some grated (half-frozen) mozzarella, and some slices of goat cheese. Followed by a big salad topped with the leftover green bean/corn salad and sweet potato bits. Dessert was two Bonne Maman semolina custards. All good.

Wednesday/23-Jun-10: Never could find the cilantro pesto recipe I've made before, so I smerged a bunch of recipes I found on the web. Not wonderful, but not bad. Served a bit with fusilli and froze two more small lumps. Salad for the rest of dinner.

The new ice cream maker I ordered has arrived. I've put the bucket in the freezer where it has to freeze for 24 hours before making anything. Now I have to choose a recipe. The recipe book that came with it has some very odd recipes, including one with green asparagus purée.

Thursday/24-Jun-10: Put a pork loin roast in a very slow (275F) oven with some spices. Made some tortillas and shredded the meat. Didn't really work all that well, but we'll have a nice stew or chili or some such from the leftover juice and meat.

Raspberries are coming in fast. Seems like more than last year. I might have to make jam again.

Friday/25-Jun-10: The organic stand at the Montbron market still has chard, which I was planning to buy till I realized that I wouldn't be able to make that tart for several days. I'll try to organize next week to make that on Friday. There was some nice looking salmon also, but the same problem.

Quiz night tonight, so no meal at home. Defrosted a coquelet and started it marinating for tomorrow's choir picnic.

Saturday/26-Jun-10: Busy in the morning making our picnic meal, which was the "Memorial Day at the Pond" menu from Picnic. There was Citrus-Marinated Game Hens (Picnic, p14), using a coquelet instead, grilled in the oven. This was good and quite fast to cook. Last time we had coquelets Ed thought we needed a whole one each. This time, he thought his half was just right. Then there was Couscous Salad with Roasted Peppers (Picnic, p16), which was good even though I neglected to roast the pepper. And Marinated Green Beans with Toasted Almonds (Picnic, p18), which was also good. Had planned to make a small amount of ice cream, but couldn't find the recipe book that goes with the old ice cream maker. The Perfect Scoop and the book for the new ice cream maker largely have recipes that start with a cooked base, which has to be refrigerated a good long while.

Sunday/27-Jun-10: Lunched with Sally and Mike today prior to F1 and the England-Germany World Cup game. Took the leftover couscous salad and green beans from yesterday. Brought enough home that I won't need to cook tomorrow, just make a nice salad to go with.

Raspberries coming like mad right now. Will have to make jam or ice cream or something very soon. The berries are small, not as bit as those you see in the grocery, but tasty. The healthier of the two yellow raspberries that I planted will have some berries before long. Picked another fraise de bois; the three puny plants we've got left are sending out lots of runners. We may have to do something to contain them. Picked a cherry tomato from the one in a pot. There are lots to come, but this is the first. Tasty it was.

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