Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Fried Eggplant with Green Peppers and Tomato Sauce

Tonight's dinner included a side dish (a half recipe) from Time-Life Foods of the World: Middle Eastern Cooking. That was Kizarmiş Patlican—Fried Eggplant with Green Peppers and Tomato Sauce (p73) from Turkey. The eggplant and tomatoes were from the potager; the bell pepper was from the grocery store.

Simply flavored, but this was a very tasty dish. First some tomatoes are peeled, seeded, and chopped, then cooked in olive oil with salt and chopped garlic until all the liquid has evaporated. The eggplants are peeled, cut lengthwise into thick slices which are then cut into "fans" by making longitudinal cuts that don't go all the way to the end. These fans are first soaked in salt water, then dried and sautéed until browned on each side. (In the end, since I had only three thick slices and there were only two of us, I cut the fan bits all the way through, making fingers rather than fans.) The green bell pepper is seeded, deribbed, and cut lengthwise into quarters. These bits are then sautéed until browned and limp. (The limp bit didn't happen for me, even though I cooked them about twice the time that was asked; I think this would be better under the grill, as you would do for roasted bell peppers.)

To serve, you mound the eggplant fans (or fingers), top with the tomato sauce, and surround with the bell pepper chunks.

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  1. A very interesting dish! I can see how this would be great as party food! Looks good!