Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Cabbage Salad and Cold Rice-Flour Dessert

Tonight there was a side and a dessert from Time-Life Foods of the World: Middle Eastern Cooking. We had Salatet Malfoof—Cabbage Salad (p10) from the Arab States to accompany a Sicilian marinated steak and Mihallabiyya—Cold Rice-Flour Dessert (p104) from Egypt.

I made the Mihallabiyya in the morning, so it would be chilled for dinner. I used cornstarch as suggested, since I had no rice flour and was too lazy to grind some up. I looked this dish up on the web and found that this recipe is typical, although it can be rice flour, a rice flour and cornstarch combination, or just cornstarch to thicken. More typically, though, it seems to be flavored with orange flower or rose water, rather than vanilla and cinnamon. This one has a topping of chopped pistachios and currants, as well as cinnamon, which I mixed with the nuts and fruit. Quite tasty and easy to make.

To go with our steak, I made the Cabbage Salad as a go-with, and here we have another excellent salad from this book. The recipe calls for two cups of shredded cabbage to serve four. I had two cups to serve two, with only half the dressing, and we could have eaten a bit more. The shredded cabbage is tossed with a dressing of garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, then topped with some pomegranate seeds for serving.

 Stop by Cookbook Countdown to see what other folks are making from their September cookbook. And if you've got books on your shelf wanting to be used, why don't you choose one and join in?


  1. I like the name of the dessert though it takes a few seconds to actually say it out! :) Lovely dessert!
    The salad dressing sounds good with the lemon and garlic. And I like the topping of the pomegranate seeds!

  2. Such interesting foods and names. That dessert is a good one.