Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cookbook Countdowm: Kitcheree and Lime Pickle

More from 30 Minute Indian. Tonight we had Kitcheree (p99) and Lime Pickle (p35).

The weather is hot and I didn't want to do much cooking. Grainy Kitcheree had an appeal. And this is the kind of dish that goes well with an Indian pickle.

This kitcheree is made with rice and moong dal. I thought I had moong dal on the shelf, but it turned out to be chana dal, which takes a bit longer to cook. A quick look online showed split peas as a substitute. I happened to have some yellow ones (but no green ones-->inventory failure), so used those. I soaked them for a while with the rice, but that didn't really work. They were still a bit on the crunchy side at the end. In spite of all the spices (cinnamon stick, cloves, peppercorns, ginger, green chiles, cumin seeds, and ground coriander), this was quite a bland dish so the pickle was a nice addition.

My Lime Pickle is tasty, a bit hotter than your usual pickle, but still good. The only problem was that the peel was a bit tough. I've made a lime pickle before, and I see that that recipe had you boil the limes twice for one minute, then again for 20-25 minutes (fresh water each time). Think I'd do that next time. Vijayakar's recipe says it makes "one jar." I gave one jar to friends (traded for some garam masala), put one jar in the fridge, and two more in the freezer. (Will that work? Maybe it will soften the peel?) These jars are 350ml jam jars. I might have been able to pack it all into a one-liter canning jar. That's really a lot of lime pickle.

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  2. Kaye,
    Kitcheree and Lime Pickle are on my to-do list. Maybe the size of the jar used in the recipe is a huge one?!!

  3. I have never frozen pickles before, so no idea if that will work, though I do think too that it might just do the trick to soften the peel!