Friday, July 29, 2016

Cookbooks Countdown: Lamb Kebabs

This should be the last bit of cooking this month from 30 Minute Indian today. We had Lamb Kebabs (p52).

I had to grind my own lamb (thank you, food processor!) and ended up with just over a pound of meat, rather than 14.5 oz. The idea was to made twelve meatball things to bake in the oven. Given that it's barbecue weather, I made seven oval patties and we grilled them outside.

These are fairly easy to make, with standard Indian spices. The ground lamb is mixed with a finely chopped red onion, chopped cilantro, mint, and green chiles, garlic, ginger, and an egg. The recipe says the garlic cloves should be crushed; I minced mine.

Ed grilled the patties and we ate them with Kachumber and Jeera Rice, both of which I've made this month already. And there were Lime Pickle and Tamarind&Date Chutney on the table too,

I choose this book for July, thinking I'd give it a try and then recycle it. But, no, there turn out to be some real winners here (the chutney, spiced beets, kachumber, quite a few main dishes). The onion bhajiya recipe is the one I'll work from next time we get a hankering for these. There are some losers, though (naan, kheer, cauliflower relish), and I have mixed feelings about the book. There is enough prep on many of the recipes (I've grated more ginger in the last month that I did in the first half of this year), that the 30-minute-ness is doubtful in many cases. There's not enough extra information on the recipes to make the book a good read. The ingredient and instruction lists could be better. But I think it's earned it's place as a keeper.

Stop by Cookbook Countdown to see what other folks are making from their July cookbook. And if you've got books on your shelf wanting to be used, why don't you choose one and join in?


  1. Sounds like this cookbook has grown on you! Yes, definitely many good recipes to return to!

    ps: love lamb kebabs

  2. The lamb kebabs looks delicious! It's great that you have found some wonderful recipes from this book. I was thinking of doing some Indian cooking too in the next following month, and undecided which book to select!