Monday, July 11, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Seekh Kebabs, Jeera Rice, Gujarati Carrot Salad, Cauliflower Relish, and Naan

Tonight we had yet another whole meal from 30 Minute Indian. Clockwise on the plate from the bottom, there was Seekh Kebabs (p51), Jeera Rice (p99), Cauliflower Relish (p31), and Gujarati Carrot Salad (p32). I also made Naan (p103).

  • The Seekh Kebabs were pretty tasty, if a bit dry. I had only 350g of ground beef (rather than 400g) and made only eight kebabs (rather than twelve). Even with the full amount, twelve would have been more like meatballs. I didn't add nearly enough salt, so we had to salt them at the table. The meat mixture wasn't firm enough to stay put even on my flat skewers, so I ended up turning them by hand and using some wooden skewers to hold three or two together. I think it would be better to start with a pair of wooden skewers in each kebab. 
  • The Jeera Rice, I've made before. And will make again, I'm sure, since it's easy and tasty. 
  • I made the Cauliflower Relish several days ago. We've already had it once for dinner, but I neglected to take a picture. This wasn't bad, but we weren't especially enamored of it. The cauliflower pieces are supposed to be bite-sized, so I cut them my idea of bite-sized. But it seems to me that a relish should have smaller bits of whatever's in it. Glad I tried this, but it's not something I need to make again.
  • The Gujarati Carrot Salad was okay, but I won't make it again either. Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking also has a Gujarati Carrot Salad (p170) and we much prefer that one, without the honey.
Now, I was curious about how you can turn out a 30-minute naan. The answer is that you can't. It takes a minimum of an hour. And, while the result was edible, to me it tasted of baking powder. Eh. We'll see how there are with jam for breakfast tomorrow.*

* Next day report : The rest of the naans didn't improve with sitting and weren't helped by jam and butter. Bird food perhaps. One day I'll make Madhur Jaffrey's proper version of these.

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  1. Hi Kaye,
    It is always interesting to try a new recipe and wondering how it would turn out. I guess sometimes even if it is not to our liking, but somehow glad that we have tried it. I'm sure the birds would have a great time pecking at the bits of leftover naans! :)
    I have tried a few Indian chefs' recipes, I have at least about half a dozen different Indian chefs' cookbooks, and my favourite is still Madhur Jaffrey's!