Monday, April 26, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/26-Apr-10: For lunch today we had the leftover lamb sticks, in pitas with the green chutney. Yum. For dinner there was Mediterranean Barley Salad (Cooking Light mar10, soon to be MC). This was supposed to be a salad for four, but we ate all as dinner for two. Also yum.

Tuesday/27-Apr-10: We had a lovely lunch today at L'Aromate in Angoulême, before seeing the Russian Opera and Ballet. The usual sandwiches and fruit with a crossword in the evening.

Wednesday/28-Apr-10: A few weeks ago I bought some meat that I thought was pork, but turned out to be veal, sort of ribs, but not really. Cooked them like Karen Koning's Ribs (MC) and they were quite tasty. Roasted the last of the cauliflower and some broccoli, and made some of Dusolier's roasted potatoes tossed with cajun spice that I made up a while ago. For dessert there was Avocado Ice Cream (soon to be MC), not really an ice cream, but quite good. The ice cream maker may have died. It went Click and stopped, no grinding to a halt. Suppose we'll have to replace it soon.

Thursday/29-Apr-10: Had some pizza off the van in L'Arbre for dinner. Not half bad. Ed's no-tomato one was especially good with chevre and potato slices.

Friday/30-Apr-10: Midday lunch was Pork Chops with Hot Garlic Sauce (MC), with the chops cooked on the griddle for the new stove. Worked quite well. These were accompanied by smashed sweet potatoes and a big salad of mâche.

For the rest of the day, I cooked for tomorrow's picnic. Made the lemon version of Barbara Allen's Pound Cake (MC); this seemed to need lots of extra time to get done. Then a double dose of tuna salad (MC). Then a single dose of Curried Chicken Salad (MC).

Saturday/1-May-10: A picnic with more than enough to eat! The pound cake wasn't done in spite of the extra time. Don't know if I misread the thermometer, misread the required temp, or what. Puzzling. Nevertheless, the lemon tasted quite good with the avocado ice cream, which was more like a sauce by the time we ate. The tuna salad and chicken salad were good. Bits of these leftover.

Sunday/2-May-10: Shopped in Montbron this a.m. with a store-full of Dutch folks. No bread, all the veggie bins were empty and there was little in the way of birds or fish.

For lunch we had tuna salad sandwiches to finish that off. At dinner time, I still wasn't hungry. Threw together a pasta dish with broccoli and a cream sauce with bleu d'Auvergne. Not bad at all. For dessert with had slices of lemon pound cake with more avocado ice cream.

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