Monday, April 12, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/12-Apr-10: For dinner, I made Cream of Broccoli Soup (CC1, p124) to use up broccoli stems and a bit of broccoli. Ate up the rest of the cayenne cornbread. Made German Crumb Cake from an EAT-L recipe. Tasty, although recipe was odd in saying it would fill two 14x9 pans, when the half recipe barely filled my 8" square.

Tuesday/13-Apr-10: Ed made pancakes from scratch this morning, with a recipe out of his head. And good they were! Still a man of surprises!

Made some Buckwheat Bread (Big German, p38) with only a bit of the whole wheat flour asked. Used regular white flour instead. It was taller than usual, and good.

Midday lunch today with Chicken and Olives (MC) and Yellow Rice with Sofrito (now MC). Followed by a big salad and ended with another bit of German Crumb Cake.

Wednesday/14-Apr-10: Quiz supper tonight meant no cooking.

Thursday/15-Apr-10: Sandwiches and fruit at midday, plus the end of the German Crumb Cake.

Dinner started with some unsuccessful stuffed artichokes. I'd seen some chokes that had been cut vertically, then cleaned and stuffed, so I tried this. Baked them in the oven. I much prefer the hollowed out ones that have been steamed on the stovetop. The stuffing was good though. Used the rest of the Buckwheat Bread and the last bit of the dried ham.

For our main course, there was Cold Roast Chicken with Leeks Vinaigrette (Secrets, p246), with the other half of the Devil's Chicken. This was such a pretty dinner that we thought it needed a picture. This salad would be nice as part of a buffet dinner perhaps.

Started a pot of stock with the chicken bones.

Friday/16-Apr-10: For lunch we had the leftover pizza, somewhat warmed up.

For our evening dinner there were filets of flétan noir, some sort of flatfish, à la meunière, with a simple pan sauce. These were accompanied by some steamed haricots verts and trio rice, combining the end of one box and the start of another. Made extra rice to add to the bit I've already saved for some fried rice soon.

Saturday/17-Apr-10: Midday dinner today, with two Cooking Light recipes, both keepers. A bit of a light meal, but that's not too bad since tomorrow's a repas de chasse.The main was Baked Eggs en Cocotte with Onions, quite nice it was. For a side, there was Haricots Verts with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette, using the rest of the beans that I steamed last evening. This was quite nice and would be good on a buffet, since it can be made ahead.

Sunday/18-Apr-10: Attended a repas de chasse today. No further food necessary.

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