Sunday, April 4, 2010

Roast Easter Lamb with White Wine

Cooking Italy Assignment
Roast Easter Lamb with White Wine, p408

This is actually assigned for next week, but it seemed to me that Easter Lamb ought to be done for Easter dinner. I actually made this for Easter ten years ago. Maybe it ought to become a tradition.

This is a strangely titled dish in that the meat is actually braised, or pot roasted if you will, on the top of the stove, rather than roasted. The result is wonderfully tasty and tender meat, but isn't what you expect from a roast.

The recipe calls for 2-2.5 pound of lamb shoulder to serve four. My shoulder was 1.63 kilos, more like 3.5 pounds. I didn't think about the size at the shop, so I had to cut it into pieces to fit into the pan.

The meat is first browned with some garlic and rosemary. (My rosemary plant is looking pretty puny and just starting to grow for the year.) Actually I should have cut the arm bit off the shoulder also, since it was impossible to brown the "armpit" properly.

This simmers away for two hours with some white wine, and some additional water as needed, with the meat being turned occasionally. (I added another slog of white wine at some point, but don't tell Hazan. ;-)

Although there was quite a bit of fat on it, this was quite a tasty bit of meat. The two of us ate the largest part of it. I've got a biggish chunk in the freezer now, but the meat would have been a bit skimpy if we'd had more than one person over for dinner.


  1. Kaye this looks pretty good. I have yet to make this and I know my meat-loving mate is going to really like this. Good tip about having to cut the shoulder into pieces, maybe I will get the butcher to do that for me.

  2. Kaye, Looks delicious. Maya made it today and I tasted it. Was wonderful. I'm going to make this week.

  3. This looks wonderful! We're big lamb fans here. I'll get it going, just not for today. Beautiful job!

  4. Ooo that looks better than I thought. Yummy. I will have to watch for this cut.

  5. OMW this looks so delicious, is it really this easy? I have to wait until lamb is a good price as my teen boys eat a LOT and would break the budget! This looks just wonderful, Kaye.

  6. Really easy and really good!
    A friend sent me an even easier lamb dish: Take a chunk of lamb (leg, shoulder, whatever), rub it with cumin powder, put it in a pot (with a lid and that it pretty well fills) with some cloves of garlic and some rosemary, pour a half bottle of muscat over it, put on the lid, pop it in the oven (150C/300F) for 6 hours. Falling off the bone tender and delicious for practically zero effort. My shoulder was quite ready after 5 hours, but a bigger bit like a leg might take longer. --K