Monday, February 22, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/22-Feb-10: Soup night tonight, Creamy Chickpea Soup with Garlic and Lemon (MC), really fast, simple, and tasty. For a starter we had toasts with tuna salad from a jar and carrot and ginger pickle. More of the Beaujolais cake for lunch.

Tuesday/23-Feb-10: Finished off the Beaujolais cake for breakfast. Disappointing dinner tonight, probably compounded with worry about my mother's craziness. :-( Started off with some more little toasts spread with tuna salad and topped with ... the end of the carrot and ginger pickle. This is a good munchy and would be a good finger food for a party. I made Chocolate & Zucchini's Galletes de Sarrasin (a half recipe), some filled with a fried egg (rather than an egg cooked right on the crêpe as she suggests) and comté, some with mored of the dried ham and comté. Maybe I used too much batter so that the crêpes were too thick? When I went to turn them, they tore in half or shredded. Tasted ok, but ugly on the plate. Salad afterwards was better. Better tomorrow, I hope.

Wednesday/24-Feb-10: Garlic and Pepper Shrimp tonight, over basmati. I liked it, Ed thought the pepper was too strong for the shrimpers. To save or not to save, that is the question.

Thursday/25-Feb-10: Made it to the market today. There was one tiny eggplant (somebody bought the other five, leaving an orphan), so of course I got it. And some rutabagas for Rutabagas Anna, only to discover that it wants 300F in the oven, and ours will sometimes hold as low as 350F, but never 300F.

Another unsatisfactory dinner, Pork Chops with Garlicky Broccoli from Real Simple. Served with rice as they suggested. Boring.

While Ed was at choir practice, I made the old Honey Crunch Coffeecake recipe. We had that for dessert as we watched another episode of Civilization after dinner.

Friday/26-Feb-10: Shopping this afternoon. The chard was limp and ugly, so those Cooking Italy meals will be postponed. Next week radicchio? Fat chance. Maybe we should shop at Géant in Angoulême.

A better dinner tonight. Made Moroccan Spiced Fish (SimpSups, p157; soon to be MC) with cod from the market, Laura's Garlicky Lemon, Feta, and Couscous Salad (MC), and some (steamed) mini-eggplant halves with a stuffing of shallots, falafel crumbs, and chopped eggplant innards, held together with an egg. (This might have been enough for a main course, even though the eggplant was tiny.)

Saturday/27-Feb-10: More Honey Crunch Coffeecake for lunch; none for dinner. Dinner was Cauliflower-Leek Patties (MC 2BTried), another failure at patty-ness, even though I added an egg to try to glue it together. Made two of Anderson's fresh sauces as go-withs, Parsley Relish with Capers and Cornichons (HowTo, p172) and Pickled Pink Onions (HowTo, p173). Served with some buttered tagliatelle.

Seasonal tarts is the theme for new Vie Pratique Gourmand (20feb-10mar). A couple of interesting ones. The children's section is on making pasta, showing kids rolling pasta and chopping leeks for the soup.

Sunday/28-Feb-10: Attended the farci charentais meal in St. Adjutory today. It was good, but no further food needed today!

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