Monday, February 15, 2010

Spinach Soup with Crostini

Cooking Italy Assignment
Spinach Soup with Crostini, p89-90

We've had a number of heavy meals lately, so a nice soup was just the thing for dinner. I used frozen spinach, which had sat out on the counter all day, but wasn't completely thaw. It was defrosted enough to chop very coarsely but not enough to squeeze water from. The cupboard being quite bare of beef broth, I used chicken stock from the freezer. Since the spinach wasn't squeezed and my broth is fairly reduced, I didn't use the complete amount. Instead of 1:1 for the broth and milk, it was more like 2/3:1.

When the soup was done, I didn't think it looked especially appealing, so I used my immersion blender to purée the potful. I then stirred in the Parmagiano and added additional salt. Even so, we both added quite a bit more salt at the table.

The crostini, of course, are simple croûtons with an Italian accent, but they are a nice addition to a soup like this.

I have an idea that if this soup were made with fresh spinach, it might be nice with just the broth, i.e., no milk added. The contrast between the broth and the spinach would be more attractive than the milky broth.


  1. That is the greenest soup I have ever seen! My guys like fresh spinach and they will eat tons of that, so I am not doing this one b/c I hate to mess up a good afraid they will neglect spinach if I try to alter it. I love the croutons floating on top, makes the color vibrate on it all!

  2. I agree you could skip the milk. I loved the soup. I used fresh spinach. I love anything brothy. You sure got a great green color.