Monday, February 1, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/1-Feb-10: During the day I made up and froze some chicken stock with the remains of the chicken. Tonight was an easy leftover night, the bean sauce over cavatappi. And a big salad. And cups of store-bought rice pudding for dessert. And some chocolate cookies with milk to accompany the next episode of Civilization.

Tuesday/2-Feb-10: For lunch we had a soup/stew sort of thing with the rest of the sauce from the Yassa au Poulet, some pasta, and some cooked chicken from the freezer. It was good.

Re-reading this month in my Almanach du Gastronome this morning, I learned this interesting fact (and might remember it this time). February. the Roman month of purification, originally had 29/30 days. Then the Romans decided to honor Emperor Augustus by naming the eighth month for him. But the eighth month at that time had only 30 days, while the seventh month, named for Julius Caesar, had 31. And we couldn't have that kind of disparity, could we? So February was reduced to 28/29 days and the extra day was added to the eighth month, so that Julius and Augustus were equal.

Dinner was Lemon-Almond Pork Chops (MC). Roasted some potatoes following Chocolate & Zucchini's instructions—best I've ever made, I think. Sautéed some onions, shrooms, and zucchini for a side.

Wednesday/3-Feb-10: Last weekend when we shopped, I needed broccoli, but Leclerc had none. Instead I got one of those fractally weird lime-green Romanesco cauliflowers. Tonight I used most of it in an old Tuna-Cauliflower Casserole (MC) recipe. Actually the green cauliflower was prettier than white is. Followed by a big salad. And Afrikas for dessert.

Thursday/4-Feb-10: Actually made it to the market this morning. Shopped first at the boucherie to get some veal shanks for osso buco for Cooking Italy. And what are veal shanks called in French? Ossobuco. Too easy. He was out, but will order some for tomorrow afternoon. I wonder what these will cost?

Dinner was Seared Scallops with Orange and Vermouth (MC), served with spaetzle, and Avocado Corn Salad (MW@Home, MC). For dessert there was Double-Boiler Bread Pudding (MC). Yum.

Friday/5-Feb-10: Picked up the veal shanks this afternoon (they weren't painfully expensive), took Pogo for a walk, then started the Ossobuco in Bianco for Cooking Italy. Served this with polenta and Broccoli Strascicati (MC) made with broccoli and the rest of the Romanesco. And more bread pudding for dessert. Nice dinner.

Saturday/6-Feb-10: Shopped this morning, without much of a plan for the next week. Got another globe zucchini to play with.

Made up the batter for buckwheat crêpes for tomorrow night. Didn't beat for 8 minutes as the recipe said. Interesting that other buckwheat crêpe recipes I've run across in the last days have had some wheat flour added. But, this is Vegetarian Times. Also my buckwheat flour is a month out of date, but smelt OK. Not a very promising dinner, I fear.

A choucroute dinner at the restaurant in Lésignac in the evening. Not like the Dutch stamppot, just choucroute and chunks of meat. Not a potato in site, boiled or mashed. Tasty though.

Sunday/7-Feb-10: Seasoned my new crêpe pan this morning, boiling those potato peels. The water turned a really unappealing black, so I think the peels were "scrubbing" the pan. Oiled it per instructions rather than cooking it in the oven. Boiled the peeled potatoes and put them in the fridge to use for something.

Read through the 28Jan-10Feb issue of Vie Pratique Gourmand, with the theme of cheese. My arteries clogged up just looking at these recipes! I did find one starter sort of thing that I might try. It uses frozen artichoke bottoms, which are cooked, then spread with green tapenade, topped with a slice of goat cheese (cabécou, which also comes frozen apparently, I'll have to look for this), sprinkled with a bit of olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and chopped basil, then broiled. Served with a small rocket salad for a starter. Sounds good.

Also discovered there's a cookbook fair in Paris next weekend. That's something I ought to stay away from! And that mace is called macis in French. I always thought the Dutch foelie would be related to the French word, but clearly never looked it up.

The new crêpe pan is great. It did want a bit of oil wiped on with a paper towel between crêpes, but otherwise it was lovely. Can't say that for the crêpes, though. The flour was a bit off (can it be that long ago that I bought it?), and the crêpe s were stiff and cracked when folded (maybe the wheat flour would have helped this), which was the whole point of this recipe, Two-Cheese Buckwheat Galettes from Vegetarian Times magazine (Sep09). I couldn't find my gruyère either, so used parmesan instead. But, we ate 3-1/2 each, when 2 would have done, so they can't have been too bad. Followed by a favorite, beet and mâche salad (BEFCC), and then the rest of the bread pudding.

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