Monday, January 1, 2018

Kitchen goals old and new

Kitchen goals for 2017

I didn't do especially well on my kitchen goals for 2017.
  • Backlog — Managed a brief spurt of work on this in the late spring and early summer, then fizzled out. Have been fairly ruthless clearing out assorted stacks all over the house, but need to get more done on this. Did get a second "ingredient" folder, so I have one for veggies and another for fruit. That has helped some. But muc more tossing and organization needs to be done.
  • Veg/fish meals — Again, I averaged three vegetarian or fish meals per week for 2017. Have done better, but three meets the goal. 
  • Pasta — Did better than last year, but still only managed to make pasta in nine of twelve months. Lack of energy this year. The mixing, rolling, cutting is fun, but the clean-up is a drag. As is clearing the counter beforehand since this is where things accumulate in the kitchen. Although making pasta once a month ensures the counter gets cleared at least that often.
  • Bread — No good here again. I did re-start the Craftsy bread project yet again, but didn't get far. Really want to get to this now that I have a mixer with a dough hook.
Did somewhat better than 2016, I guess, but still not too good.

Kitchen goals for 2018

I think for 2018 I'll just keep with last year's goals. But, I'll add a couple of "bonus" goals, that I'll consider to be of lesser importance.
  • I want to try concentrating on cooking from a single (or several related), relatively unused cookbooks perhaps for periods of weeks or a month. That means cooking at least one meal a week from the current cookbook. That might or might not include posting to Cookbook Countdown, which is fun but a bit time-consuming. 
  • I want to have someone round to dinner once a month. This is a bit stressful since I can't depend on Ed for help, so all the organization and execution are for me. But it's nice for two old fogies to be a bit sociable once in a while.
This make six goals, four major, two minor, altogether. Maybe too ambitious, but we'll see how it goes.
  1. Backlog — Spend at least one hour each week on reducing my recipe clipping backlog and working out how this can be contained. Stacks and notebooks all over the house (living, dining, bedroom, office, anyplace else) should be reduced to a single, maintainable, usable system. My weekly menu planning routine should include reference to the backlog.
  2. Veg/fish meals — Still aiming for at least three vegetarian or fish meals per week.
  3. Cookbook — Cook from the cookbook-of-the-month at least once per week.
  4. Pasta — Make fresh pasta at least once a month.
  5. Bread — Make real bread (non-ABM) once a month. Doing the Craftsy bread course would be a plus.
  6. Guests — Have someone over for a meal at least once a month. (I don't think this includes Bill or other people who come to stay, but we'll see.)

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