Monday, October 23, 2017

This week in the kitchen

Monday/23-Oct-17: More like an early dinner tonight. We had a halfish recipe of Glazed Beef Skewers with Ginger Slaw (CL/may16; web). The glaze went from 3/4cup to too-thick-to-spread in about 30seconds, so I improvised the sauce stuff (minus the mirin which I'd used up the first time round) to brush on the meat. The salad was especially good over the rice. The meat was kind of so-so. Magnum minis for dessert.

Tuesday/24-Oct-17: Early meal today. A half recipe of Pasta with Smashed Peas (web). I liked this more than Ed; he thought it needed something meaty and I didn't. I thought it surprisingly tasteful for plain peas. Easy to do if you remember to defrost the ricotta. More tasting of Chaudun chocolate for dessert.

We decided not to shop on Thursday instead of tomorrow, so the menu plan needed a small adjustment.

Wednesday/25-Oct-17: Pizza today. For some reason, not the best I've ever made for some reason, but good enough.

Yogurt on overnight.

Thursday/26-Oct-17: Shopping today.

Dinner was old favorites. There was Tamarind Glazed Salmon (MC; web) and Yellow Basmati Rice with Sesame Seeds (MJ@Home, p208) and Pan-Grilled Zucchini (MJ@Home, p173). All yummy. Followed by mini ice cream bars, Magnum for Ed and Häagen-Dasz for me.

Friday/27-Oct-17: Earlyish meal today. We had Tarte Pommes Boudin (VPG). This was a recipe for two (can't find it on the web); I made up individual tartes with my last pâte brisée from the freezer (still have a bit left). Basically each person gets an apple and a boudin, both sliced and used to fill a pastry shell. I used small rectangular casseroles. Turned out quite pretty but we neglected to take a photo. Then a big salad. That was all.

Saturday/28-Oct-17: Our early meal today wasn't so early. We had Roast Chicken and Potatoes with Balsamic-Black Pepper Sauce (MC; web). (The site where I collected this recipe is off the air. The linked recipe is almost exactly the same, with 1tbl less olive oil.) Yummy it was.

Sunday/29-Oct-17: Early meal today before going off to a concert. We had Smoky Pork Stir-Fry (CL/sep14; web). I made a halfish recipe with most of the spices. Served over brown rice. No snow peas;used haricots verts instead. Pretty good, although we both added extra chili garlic sauce at the table. I think I'd double this at least. Ice cream bars for dessert.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 VEG/FISH: 3
This month: #3 PASTA: no; #4 BREAD: no

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