Monday, May 9, 2016

This week in the kitchen

Monday/9-May-16: I hadn't fully realized exactly how long the meal I planned for tonight would take to make, so I changed the plan. Instead I cooked lots of veggies to use up bits in the fridge. There was Noodles with Cabbage (BeardPasta, p88). I used some nettle fusilli, which was fine in flavor, but wrong in shape. (Tagliatelle would be nice, or maybe crozets, or spaetzle.) This was pretty good, either as a main or a side. I roasted some asparagus. I made some Baked Parmesan Zucchini (web), very loosely based on the web recipe. I had some panko leftover from something; added Parmesan, Italian herbs, and garlic powder to that. Put the olive oil in one dish, tossed the zuke sticks in that, rolled them in the panko mix, then baked. Pretty good way to do zukes. Mini mags for dessert.

Yogurt on overnight.

Tuesday/10-May-16: Dinner was Pie's Succulent Pork Chops (MC) with corn and the cob and steamed broccoli. That was it. In the afternoon, I was supposed to work on the beef roll thing for Thursday's dinner, but didn't feel like it. Hope I'll have some energy after tomorrow's outing.

Wednesday/11-May-16: I had my main meal at a hanging basket workshop today. Sandwich for dinner. Ed had leftovers for dinner.

Started the Beef Roll from TLBrit for tomorrow's dinner.

Thursday/12-May-16: I shopped today while Ed was at choir practice. For dinner we had slices of the beef roll, along with some cole slaw (carrots and cabbage from a sack, with with the dressing from Mama's Garlic Coleslaw) and some Authentic French Bread (Magic, p22) from the bread maker. Some Brillat-Savarin for after, an impulse buy at Intermarché.

Found out the house next door has been sold. Will be final in July. A French graphic artist from Bordeaux. Ed has spoken with him he thinks.

Yogurt on overnight.

Friday/13-May-16: Started Grapefruit Marmalade (TLBrit, p6) today, using a red grapefruit since that's what was at the store. Started a big pot of chicken stock. Will finish it off tomorrow.

For dinner tonight, I had the choice of a "sophisticated" salmon dish, or an Indian-style fish. Indian won. With Madhur Jaffrey's help we had a yummy dinner: Grilled Fish Steaks (Q&E, p60) with cod, New Potatoes with Cumin (Q&E, p91), and Spinach with Ginger and Green Chilies (Q&E, p94). The first two are old favorites, although this may have been the first time I've actually used new potatoes. The spinach is new, I think. Don't tell Madhur that I used frozen spinach and red chilies (which is all the freezer holds). Nevertheless, it was quite acceptable. More Brillat-Savarin for afters.

Saturday/14-May-16: Simmered the chicken stock again today and didn't get around to freezing it. Finished the (Red) Grapefruit Marmalade today.

Dinner out for a Cath's birthday. Gave her the larger part of the Red Grapefruit Marmalade. Nothing further happened in the kitchen.

Sunday/15-May-16: Cath reported that she liked the marmalade, yay! (I didn't.)

Simmered the chicken stock again today and didn't get around to freezing it. Tomorrow!

Dinner was an easy, quick one: a half dose of Spicy Thai Noodles (web). Quite good, maybe a tad too sweet. And too much sauce too. Used all the add-ins. Tasty stuff. Then, as a complete contrast, more of the Brillat-Savarin for afters.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 VEG/FISH: 3
This month: #3 PASTA: no; #4 BREAD: no; #5 FotW: yes for April/May

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