Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cookbook Countdown: Potted Shrimp

Next up from The Cooking of the British Isles is Potted Shrimp (p45). This is one of those things you hear about that I always assumed would be difficult to make. Turns out it's not, though. I had the remains of a sack of tiny cooked shrimp in the freezer wanting to be used. So I scaled this recipe back to about a third.

The hardest part of the recipe is making some clarified butter to use. I have to admit that I cheated (as I often do when clarified butter is required) and used ghee.

The shrimp, along with some mace, ground nutmeg, cayenne, and salt are stirred into one batch of melted butter. (I went a bit long on the cayenne, since we tend to like things on the spicy side. Each to their own taste.) This mixture is pressed into small baking dishes. The dishes are sealed by pouring a thin layer of clarified butter over the shrimp. Butter over butter, how can you go wrong? Refrigerate for at least six hours, then serve with hot toast as a starter or at teatime.

I didn't make toast, but cut some thin slices from a stale bit of pain. We've been eating this as pre-dinner nibbles. It's a bit too rich for everyday food, but I'd definitely consider doing this again as finger food for aperitifs perhaps.

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  1. Oh my gosh, potted shrimp! This is an acquired taste!

  2. We love shrimps, but I have never thought of serving it over crusty bread! Looks and sounds delicious with all the spices!