Monday, January 11, 2016

This week in the kitchen

Monday/11-Jan-16: Tasty dinner tonight. I steamed some eggs to hard-boil them (setting the time, but forgetting to press Start, it's amazing I got them right), then made Hard-Boiled Eggs in a Spicy Cream Sauce (MJ1, p84). Accompanied by Gujerati-Style Green Beans (MJ1, p102) made with snijbonen (whatever they may be called in English), since haricots verts didn't look good this week, and Simple Buttery Rice with Onion (MJ1, p140). The egg dish was made without tomato paste, but was still extra yummy.

Tuesday/12-Jan-16: Late change of dinner plans. Dinner turned out to be Prawn, Leek & Lemon Risotto (web). Sort of. I didn't bake it, but made it on the stovetop like a regular risotto. Interesting thing about this recipe is that no wine is added. Instead, fresh lemon juice is stirred in to start things off; then more is added to finish it off. Ed thought it was a trifle too lemony.

Went to inventory some drugstore stuff prior to making an order and discovered that we seem to have had a mouse in the bathroom chewing labels. I've just recently cleaned that cabinet, so it must have happened recently. At the same time, Ed discovered mouse activity in the kitchen on the cookie shelf. The Figalous are okay; this time it's the chocolate-covered cornflake piles that were attached. We've got a live trap set tonight.

Yogurt on overnight.

Wednesday/13-Jan-16: Ed set the live trap in the bathroom. The mouse (assuming there's only one in the house) was busy in the kitchen last night. Trap has been moved now. Don't understand why the cats aren't interested. Guessing it might be one Oscar brought in. The bathroom is one of the places he likes to carry his prey to finish them off. Maybe one escaped.

Shopping today. Dinner was Salmon with Anchovy-Garlic Butter (web), which was quite yummy. The anchovy flavor goes away, leaving a delicious bit of sauce. Served with polenta and steam broccoli.

Thursday/14-Jan-16: Oops, went to put the goat on to marinate for tonight's dinner and realized that I goat the forequarter out of the freezer instead of the hindquarter. (I think I marked the hindquarter off the freezer list too. A roasted forequarter, no sure how that's going to work.

So, we had Roasted Goat with Mountain Herbs and Potatoes (O&C, p395) for dinner. Turned out pretty darn good. The hindquarter would have had more and better meat on it, but the forequarter was fine. The meat was easy to shred after cooking. I was out of the room and didn't hear the timer, so it might have gone slightly over an hour. But it was good. Followed by a big salad (with feta, of course, to go with the Greek goat). Followed by a concert in Limoges.

Friday/15-Jan-16: Ed says he noticed Sophie being interested in the shelf where I keep the dried fruit. Thought I'd better give it a look. Pulled out the box with the dried fruit. Apparently woke up a cute little mouse (female?) who scooted down between shelves and disappeared behind the shopping boxes. I cleaned off that shelf good. Doesn't look like she got into the fruit, but seems to have explored the basket with spices, chiles, etc. All boxed up, but lots of poop. Ed might put some peanut butter on the bait for tonight. Sure would like to take it off far far away from my kitchen.

Cooked chicken for enchiladas, but didn't feel like eating or assembling them. Picked the goat bones (and froze them up, waiting for me to cook the other quarter). Made up a hash sort of thing with onion, garlic, potatoes, broccoli, and goat, sauced with some Tikka Massala from the fridge. Not bad. Peaches with a toefje whipped cream from a can (too sweet!) for dessert.

Yogurt on overnight.

Saturday/16-Jan-16: Peg&Jim sent us some tortillas for xmas, so it was back to the Great West tonight for Enchiladas de Jocoque—Tortillas Filled with Chicken and Sour Cream (TLWest, p124). Served with Mama's Spanish rice and some guacamole. The enchiladas were okay, a bit bland, nothing special. No pimiento, so used some roasted yellow and red bell peppers from a jar. Used Greek olives, were probably the bland American black olives would have been better. One cup of stock and three cups of sour cream (crème fraîche, but I won't tell) made way too much sauce and it was too thin. I think it might have been better to reduce the stock to 1/2 cup (instead of 1 cup) and add to only two cups of sour cream. Then add only about 3/4 cup of this mixture to the chicken for stuffing.

Sunday/17-Jan-16: Scratched the falafel itch with some Crockpot Falalels (web). They weren't bad, although I'm not sure what the crockpot added. Better, I think, would be just to make them up, put them on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven. Served with lettuce and tomato and the falafel version of Tahini Dipping Sauce (WofE, p359). The crockpot recipe is rather similar to Jaffrey's recipe in WofE, spice-wise, except that Jaffrey starts with a cup of dried chickpeas that have been soaked for 24 hours, the chopped up in the food processor. Maybe I should try this next. There's also a hand-written not to bake "in oven for 20min@375F, loosen from pan & shake during baking." Might be healthier and easier than frying.

The kitchen mouse is still around. Last night she (I think it's a she) found the Figalous, a favorite of a previous mouse.

Progress on tiling continues. Much of the wall behind the sink is done; missing the bit in at the far right and the bits on the wall above the level of the window floor. And the trim. Steady progress.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 VEG/FISH: 4
This month: #3 PASTA: yes; #4 BREAD: no; #5 FotW: no for January/February

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