Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kitchen goals old and new

Kitchen goals for 2015

Another year where I haven't been cooking as much. Maybe this is a trend as I get older? Still enjoy tasty food though.
  • Backlog — Started out pretty good with this, but ended up terribly. This really needs some focus. I could take the approach of tossing everything, but there are some goodies hidden in those piles. I have made progress on my bedside stack of recipes. Occasionally I pickup up a handful and either toss or get them them filed into the "system".
  • Unused —I managed this about half the time and more in the first half of the year than the last half. Should do better. 
  • Grains — I did surprisingly well on this without, I have to say, paying it much attention.
  • Veg/Fish — We averaged just over 3.4 vegetarian or fishy meals a week. Slightly up from last year.
  • Pasta — I've done abysmally here, making pasta only four times this year. It's not that it's hard to make, but it costs time and energy. And I don't enjoy the clean-up after. But do enjoy the eating thereof. 
  • Bread — And I seem to have made (non-ABM) bread only once. Boo.
  • FotW — Plodding along with this. Have had to adjust the schedule several times, but still working at it. Both the reading and the cooking have been fun. It's just my general cooking lethargy that slows me down.
Not the most successfulf of years altogether.

Kitchen goals for 2016

For the next year, I need to cut back and be less ambitious, i.e., more realistic, with my goals. Working in general on reducing our Stuff, I need to focus seriously on clearing out my backlog of collected recipes. If I can't make some progress this year, next year I need to start tossing them fairly indiscriminately. Counting the number of times I've made vegetarian or fish meals is good; it would be nice to get the number back up a bit. I'd really like to get back to making pasta regularly, and get started making bread regularly. Should be finishing my trip through Foods of the World in 2016. Think I'll keep with the those goals but drop the grains goal (since I did ok but not good) without any real focus at all; and the unused cookbooks goal,which I can get back to when Foods of the World is complete. So we're left with:
  1. Backlog — Spend at least one hour each week on reducing my recipe clipping backlog and working out how this can be contained. Stacks and notebooks all over the house (living, dining, bedroom, office, anyplace else) should be reduced to a single, maintainable, usable system. My weekly menu planning routine should include reference to the backlog.
  2. Veg/fish meals — Cook at least three vegetarian or fish meals per week. Should be easy. 
  3. Pasta — Start making pasta at least once a month again. 
  4. Bread — Make real bread (non-ABM) once a month. (Shh! I also want to get back with the Craftsy bread course I started, but want to sneak up on it.)
  5. Foods of the World — Should finish this project in 2016. I've adjusted the schedule so there's a month and a half for each remaining book, with no overlap. Hope that helps with the "down" periods that seem to happen in August and towards the end of the year. extends for six weeks, so I need to be sure to count in the proper month.

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