Sunday, November 11, 2012

This week in the kitchen

Monday/12-Nov-12: Out of head, Authentic French Bread in the ABN in time for lunch.

What did we eat (lots of) yesterday? Duck. What was on the plan for today? Duck. Major menu plan overhaul required. So tonight we skipped ahead to this week's IHCC challenge, with a half dose of Mushroom Curry (Q&E, p79), which was pretty good. Served with the lime pickle I made last week; much better than the green chili one. Served the curry over rice, with some Gujerati Carrot Salad (MJ1, p170) on the side. Double chocolate mini Magnums for after. Not very Indian, but what the heck.

Tuesday/13-Nov-12: Yogurt on overday.

Dinner was a half recipe of Mrs. Reardy's Shrimp and Artichoke Casserole (Essential, p395; cookbooker), made in individual casseroles. (Mrs. Reardy was Adlai Stevenson's cook. Supposedly this dish was served for lunch to President Kennedy and UN Secretary General U Thant.) Very late 50s/early 60s-ish. But good. Then a salad. Then some hazelnut cake and vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday/14-Nov-12: Forgot to defrost for dinner, so improvised. Quickly defrosted and grilled some lamb-pork sausages, a new brand, which turned out to be very salty. Lightly steamed the last bit of a broccoli and some carrot chunks. Meawhile, sautéed garlic and red onion, then our last zucchini (discovered on the weekend) and added the broc and carrot. And some trio rice. Was best when the sausage was sliced up small and all was mixed together.

Thursday/15-Nov-12: Waited all afternoon for DHL, who never showed up, but then sent an email saying the customer wasn't home. Grrr...

Ate dinner out tonight for Ed's birthday. Further, no action in the kitchen.

Friday/16-Nov-12: Finally got our shopping done today. Went to our local butcher to order turkey for Thanksgiving.

Dinner was a scaled-back version of Grilled (Broiled) Salmon Steaks with Minty Yogurt Sauce (MJFamily, p21). Pretty good, although there was way too much sauce and I had cut it back more than needed already. Will make a good salad dressing perhaps. I didn't have much usable mint in the fridge and there was none in the shop today. At the table I was thinking the sauce didn't have a very strong mint taste at all. When I started clearing the table, I discovered I hadn't added the mint. Oops. It's in the leftover bit. Served with Roasted Brussels Sprouts (MC) and trio rice.

Yogurt on overnight.

Saturday/17-Nov-12: Forgot that I needed to put beans on to soak last night (I really need to find some way of indicating in my menu plan spreadsheet when I need to do a night-before activity), so did a quick-soak thing today. Recipe called for chickpeas or white beans. While rummaging around some chickpeas, I came across the little white beans that Jody sent me a while ago.

Those beans were cooking away and not getting soft very fast. Meanwhile, I made some jalapeño-cream cheese rollups. After we'd eaten those we decided that was enough for dinner—protein, veg matter, and starch, what more could you want? Ok, a double chocolate mini-Magnum. That was dinner. So the beans will wait till tomorrow. And tomorrow's dinner?

Sunday/18-Nov-12: Well, those bean simmered away all day and finally got done enough to eat, although I was starting to worry. So, dinner was Couscous with Beans and Cauliflower (Essential, p287). Made a whole recipe and froze half (or more). Tasty stuff, kind of a soupy, stewy thing, served over couscous. Nicely hot with harissa.

In the morning, I made about a two-thirds recipe of Ricotta Pound Cake (MC, web), two-thirds because that's the size of a bakje of ricotta. Oh my, more-ish, this cake.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 COOKBOOKS: yes, #2 BREAD: yes, #3 SOUP: yes, #4 MIDDAY: no, #5 VEG/FISH: 5
This month: #6 PASTA: yes

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