Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Marinated Brussels Sprouts

Arrosto di tacchino con pancetta ed erbe aromatiche
(Shane's Roasted Rolled Turkey Breast with Pancetta and Herbs)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Thyme
Haricots Verts in Walnut Oil
Cranberry-Port Relish
Buttermilk Bread Rolls

Fleurie 2010

Pumpkin Cake

Not much energy for Thanksgiving this year, since we're both recovering from cold/flus. We were almost prepared to skip it, but then I was intrigued by the recipe for a turkey roulade that came across on EAT-L, so I built a small, easy menu around that.

The starter and the ender were the same as last year. I only discovered this when I went to write this post—I was just looking for something good and easy.

Tuesday I made the cranberry relish, since that only gets better sitting in the fridge. This felt like an official start.

Yesterday I got the sprouts on to marinate; all that was needed for them today was to was to clean some arugula and plate it all. I put four turkey breast halves on to brine and took the bucket up to Barbara's extra fridge. (How nice to have an extra fridge. But even better might be having a friend with space in her extra fridge.) Made the cake in the evening.

The cake got iced early today. Then we did our shopping (which didn't happen yesterday because we were waiting for a DHL delivery that should have come last week Thursday) and picked up the turkey. Started the real work by making the herb stuffing for the roulades, then assembling one roulade from two breast halves. It appeared that I didn't have enough of the herb mixture to adequately stuff two rolls, so I froze two of the brined breasts. Peeled and sliced sweet potatoes to roast, then topped the green beans. The bread machine mixed the dough and I made my usual cloverleaf rolls. The gravy was just the juice from the roasting turkey topped up with a glug of Marsala, then thickened with a bit of potato starch.

The turkey was a bit of fun to assemble, although it's definitely a hands-on preparation. I started with two boned turkey breast halves, about 3 kilo's worth. These were opened out (the "filet" on one side and a flap cut from the thick part on the other) and flattened to make one big piece (sort of). The surface was coated with an herb mix of rosemary and sage from the garden, flat parsley (fresh and some frozen because there was none at the shop today), garlic, anchovies, and lemon rind, all bound together with a bit of olive oil. This mixture was topped with slices of pancetta. And all was rolled up,  tied with string, and plopped in a baking dish surrounded by a goodly slog of white wine. Nothing really difficult and the results were delicious.

Here's most of the meal served before someone remember to clear the salad plates.

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  1. Geesh, wish I'd thought to say what brining recipe I used!