Thursday, October 25, 2012

IHCC: Everything's Better with Yogurt

Oh boy, I thought, it's time for yogurt with Madhur Jaffrey! I've had my eye on a yogurt-containing recipe for a good long time and this would have been a good time to find my Round Tuit. But, no, that recipe will still have to wait for another day. We've had company and been busy with events and meals and this and that, and the hecticity continues into the weekend. Thursday was the first time we've eaten at home alone in two weeks. We were both looking forward to something light, and, because we were out for a concert afterwards, it couldn't be too time-consuming. 

Searching my Jaffrey books, I found a recipe for Sweet and Sour Chick Pea Flour Soup (MJFlavours, p79) in one of the books I've recently bought second-hand. It's really easy to make and tastes delicious. 

For the soup base, you whiz together yogurt and chickpea flour (besan), then add water, ginger, chilies, and coriander leaves (cilantro). Moving to the soup pot, you brown cumin seeds in ghee, then add asafetida, some cinnamon stick, cloves, and bay leaves. Stir in the yogurt mixture with a bit of salt and some sugar, and simmer the soup for 15 minutes.

The headnotes say the soup is usually eaten with rice (I don't think soup is really an Indian concept), so I made some brown basmati rice and piled that on the soup plate before ladling up the soup. (Unfortunately, I discovered this grocery store rice was of the quick-cooking sort and the texture was gummy like Minute Rice tends to be.) 

The soup was very tasty, sour with a bit of sweet, full of spices. I did expect the soup to be a bit thicker than it was. Maybe this was a function of the store-bought yogurt (I usually make my own, but didn't have the time to make enough of it) or maybe it needed a bit more besan. And the dab that was left was a tasty afternoon snack eaten cold.

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  1. It sounds like a nice comforting dish.

  2. This sounds like an interesting dish. I bet this smells incredibly yummy from the fragrance of the coriander leaves. This soup would be lovely with some bread!

  3. Hmmm. I have new cookbooks by Ottolenghi that also feature yogurt soups, but yogurt as a soup ingredient doesn't appeal to me--its milky sourness puts me off. In fact, I almost never have it in the house, preferring kwark, which I thin with milk when yogurt is called for. But I like the idea of chickpes flour as a flavour maker and thickener. I may have to reconsider my aversion ;>

  4. Interesting! I have recently bought the same book second-hand, but haven't tried thickening soup with besan before.
    Looks really pretty.

  5. Totally intrigued by this soup, Kaye. Especially like the idea of the rice in the soup.