Monday, October 15, 2012

This week in the kitchen

Monday/15-Oct-12: Lunch out today. Started Pickled Green Chiles (WofE, p367) to replace the smashed jar of pickle and for the upcoming Jaffrey theme on pickles and chutneys. Set the jar in the sun ... what sun?

For dinner, I defrosted some Gingery Cauliflower Soup. We had that, with some store-bought naan, then a bit of goat cheese, then the rest of the kulfi. A no-effort dinner, not too bad.

Tuesday/16-Oct-12: Shopping today.

Dinner started with Cold Beetroot with Cream (Pomiane, p180), always a favorite. Then there was Oven-Steamed Salmon with Lentils and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (VeryBest, p309). This was definitely so-so. The lentils were pretty blah and the salmon was nowhere as good as last week's, which was cooked by the same method. Maybe it was slightly overcooked, maybe the fish itself wasn't as good (it was on special today), don't know. Then some roquefort smashed with unsalted butter. Then some chocolate tarts from the shop.

Yogurt on overnight.

Wednesday/17-Oct-12: Off to Poitiers for an overnight, prior to a day at Futuroscope. Left Bill with some soup from the freezer.

Thursday/18-Oct-12: Spent the day at Futuroscope, then back home and off to La Bellone for dinner.

Friday/19-Oct-12: We'd intended to eat at a food fair in Limoges today, but it's been raining raining raining, so we decided to stay home. I defrosted some chicken thighs and made Chicken Drumsticks, Ethiopian Style (web), which was quite good. Put some Potatoes Baked with Garlic (MJFamily, p106) in the oven, but too late to eat with the chicken, so made some rice. And a salad. And some mixed berries over a waffle with the last of the vanilla ice milk for after.

Saturday/20-Oct-12: Made Apple-Plum Butter (MC) this morning, and with plums this time. Put the chicken on to marinate for Buttermilk Roast Chicken (Essential, p493). Rain rain rain cancelled the Fête du Vin at St Sornin, but it did start to clear a bit in the afternoon, so we went to La Roche for the Marché du Goût and bought a sackful of goodies. Then we took ourselves out for fish and chips.

Sunday/21-Oct-12: Yogurt on overday. Brought the green chili pickle in. Quick taste shows it to be seriously hot, but not much else in the way of flavor. It will wait to be tried with some food.

For lunch, before going off to an early concert, I roasted the chicken, warmed the potatoes, and steamed some broccoli. A pretty good meal, topped off with some of the cake Bill bought at the Marché du Goût yesterday. That was good, but it turned out to be chocolate with a orange flavors added, which surprised us all.

When we got back from the concert we had some cheese and some cookies from the Marché du Goût.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 COOKBOOKS:  yes, #2 BREAD:  no, #3 SOUP: yes, #4 MIDDAY: yes, #5 VEG/FISH: 2
This month: #6 PASTA:  no

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