Sunday, September 5, 2010

Strawberry Gelato

Cooking Italy Assignment
Strawberry Gelato, p610

Choose your gelato. Ok, the strawberries were looking especially good at the shops, so I chose those. This is about as simple a frozen dessert as you could find. Purée the fruit in the food processor with the sugar, whip the cream slightly, combine, cool (per ice cream maker's instructions), and freeze.

I put the mixture together on Tuesday evening, expecting to freeze it for dinner on Wednesday after picking Bill up from the train station. But his train was delayed leaving the Netherlands, so he arrived here very very late and we didn't take the time to freeze it. I did this the next night, after it chilled two days in the fridge. Never mind, it was yummy.

The recipe says it serves 4. These would be very generous servings. We had the 3 largish servings shown here, plus another 3 servings, a bit smaller, served with slices of a nice cake we bought at a foire during the day.


  1. Kaye is that waffles with gelato. Looks so good. If you get tangerines, her tangerine sorbet is incredible.

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  3. Belgian waffles and Italian gelato served in France. Good eh?

    I got a bunch of frozen waffles and use them to "dress up" simple desserts.

    I'll keep my eyes open for tangerines.

  4. Very yummy Kaye! I made the PDF version and hope to get my post up soon. Your Hazan version looks so beautiful!

  5. Looks great Kaye - beautiful colour. I need to try this. Must also try the tangerine sorbet as Angela suggests.