Monday, September 27, 2010

This week in the kitchen

Monday/27-Sep-10: Very late dinner tonight. Leftover Mediterranean Turkey/Pintade Casserole. The right oven is acting flaky again; it took about 45 minutes before it decided to start warming up. Served with Green Bean Amandine (MC). Made a tasty combination. Classic Mini-Magnums for dessert. Why do they make any others?

Tuesday/28-Sep-10: Shopped this morning. Bought a bunch of zucchini, grated it, sacked it up in 2-cup amounts, and froze it. Bought some flétan, that's halibut, on promotion. I'm wondering if these promotions are because they got a lot so they put it on sale, or it's yesterday's leftover? There was a beautiful chunk of tuna on sale, at about a third of the price last seen in the Netherlands.

Dinner was Halibut with Caper Salsa Verde (Cooking Light, mar10). I wonder how many times I've actually used the fish prescribed in a recipe? It was OK, but nothing special; won't keep the recipe. Accompanied by some trio rice and steamed carrot sticks. Store-bought semolina pudding was dessert.

Wednesday/29-Sep-10: Made up some of Hazan's Homemade Sausage (30MinPasta, p161) this morning and froze two lots of 9.5oz. I'm amazed how at the cheapness of the sauté du porc that I used to make it. It must be the trimmings off bigger pieces of good meat. Only two bits needed much trimming of fat and connective tissue.

Dinner was Angela's Oven-Friend Chicken with Aromatic Spice Rub (soon to be MC). I cooked four thighs for the two of us, and froze the bigger half of the rub. These were cooked in the oven in a shallow pan, like the Chicken Canzanese from Cook's Illustrated that I made at the beginning of August. This really is the way to get a nice crispy skin on. Accompanied by Grilled Sweet Potato Planks, collected from EAT-L, which weren't so successful; edible but not a keeper. For dessert, we at the last pair of semolina puddings.

Yogurt on overnight.

Used some frozen lamb to make a half dose of Rice with Ground Lamb, Green Beans, and Garbanzo Beans (Bombay, p226). It was good enough, but didn't have as much flavor as I expected from all that went into it. Can't think that cooked lamb rather than raw ground would have made all that much difference. It's was a nice one-dish meal, though.

Friday/1-Oct-10: Dinner was a web-collected recipe, Roasted Mayonnaise Chicken with Chipotle (soon to be MC), a half recipe made with a pair of thickish boneless pork chops. It was good, although there wasn't as much sauce left in the pan as I expected. Served with polenta. Followed by a big salad. Then some cheese. Then some digestive cookies. Yum.

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