Monday, December 28, 2009

This week in the kitchen

Monday/28-Dec-09: For lunch we had the leftover lamb vindaoo. For dinner there was Penne with Green Cabbage, Lemon, and Goat Cheese (MC), using up most of the green cabbage.

Tuesday/29-Dec-09: Shopping in the morning. For dinner, we had Salmon Steaks with Lemon-Mustard Sauce(MC), some steam-sautéed potatoes, and a salad with lots of trimmings. Pretty plain, but tasty.

Wednesday/30-Dec-09: No cooking tonight. We had dinner in Limoges, prior to seeing Carmina Burana at the Opera Theatre. Put on Jody's mixed chili beans gift package to soak.

Thursday/31-Dec-09: Made another batch of yogurt with UHT milk. Went to should at Leclerc, rather than at our local market. Got a chunk of palette du porc, demi-sel for the beans. Added this with the spices in the packet when the beans were about halfway cooked and simmered till the meat was pretty close to was falling apart. Quite tasty, looking forward to this for tomorrow's dinner. Meanwhile, I cooked and puréed some broccoli stems in the quail broth and froze that up for soup sometime.

For new year's dinner, I made a fig flan (to use up some of the dried figs on-hand), but started too late, so it didn't have time to cool. That will be tomorrow's dessert. Boring starter, same as xmas dinner but without the foie-gras-stuffed figs. For the main, Cooking Italy's Scallop Sauce with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Hot Pepper with spaghettini. Having lots of munchies on hand, we skipped a proper dessert and adjourned to watch to the TV to watch The Shadow of the Thin Man. Accompanied by camembert, olives, smoked salmon on toast, prunes stuffed with prune cream, and whatever else I've forgotten.

Friday/1-Jan-10: During the day I made (in the bread machine) some cayenne cornbread to go with the beans. Warmed up the beans and pork for dinner. They were very good. As was the fig flan for dessert. It was very creamy; with 4 eggs, cream cheese, and half-and-half, it should be. There were fig seeds at the bottom, which turned into the top when the flan was inverted, but the crunch was a pleasant contrast to the smooth of the flan. And the fig flavor was a nice surprise. This isn't the same wonderful texture as crème caramel or a proper Mexican flan, but still quite a nice, rich dessert.

Saturday/2-Jan-10: Started the Spicy Guinness Mustard today. Very simple, just stir together the ingredients. Now it has to sit around a couple of days before it's finished off and we can get it a taste test.

A dinner of leftovers tonight, made while Ed read The Tell-Tale Heart aloud to me (we watched a short film on it on new year's evening). I made (more-or-less) the sauce from Chicken in a butter sauce (MJ1, p70), cut the leftover tandoori/roast chicken into pieces, and warmed them in the sauce. I made some of the onion bhaji batter (Q&E, p20), dipped balls of leftover Indian Mashed Potatoes in this, and fried them up. Pretty good, they were. Some rice and leftover cauliflower. Not a bad dinner for leftovers. Fig flan for dessert.

Sunday/3-Jan-10: After have the rest of the chili beans for lunch, neither of us were really hungry at dinner time. I made some guacamole that we munched with corn chips while some veggies (a carrot, some broc, and a leek) steamed. We sauced the veggies with the leftover quasi-raita from the BH&G tandoori chicken. We skipped the fig flan tonight.

The mustard seeds have absorbed all the liquid! Tomorrow I'll finish this off and see how it tastes.

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