Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas dinner 2009

We had a very small xmas this year, just the two of us, and not very elaborate. Well, it seemed like a simple meal, but I certainly kept the stove busy and generated lots of dirty dishes! Here's the stove, with the main course and dessert in progress:

For starters, we had slices of the foie gras wrapped with dried magret (oh, my, is this good!) and the foie-gras-stuffed figs, both bought at the marché de Noël last Sunday. This was dressed up with a simple salad of feuilles de chêne and vinaigrette. Here's the starter on the table, ready to dig in:

We enjoyed this course and were amused with Sophie's close attention at the table:

After we polished off the starter, Ed finished off the extra salad while I finished the preparation of the main course:

and brought the plates for the main course to the table:

That's Roasted Quail with Port Wine Sauce, a recipe I collected from the web in 2000, using the cailles chaponées also bought at the marché de Noël. (Had to cut the heads off the poor babies.) Quail capons are bigger than regular quail, so we had one each. The recipe called for "partly boned" quail, which I realized after a bit of web-searching, should have the bones out of the chest. I didn't bother to do this and just roasted them a bit longer. They came out fine, and the stuffing and sauce (port and dried figs) were really tasty. Here they are, ready for the oven:

These were accompanied by truffled risotto (using up the last of the arborio rice stored in the freezer with Jody's truffle from her visit a year ago) and some sautéed veg (red onion, carrot, broccoli, and zucchini — clean out the bottom of the fridge stuff).

For dessert we had Bill Hatcher's Amaretto Poached Pears (MC) over vanilla ice cream, seriously yummy, although it makes an enormous amount. We forgot to take a picture of it.

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  1. Your Christmas dinner looks lovely! Someday I hope to taste truffle...but your menu would certainly have me celebrating!