Saturday, January 14, 2012

Curried Roasted Squash Soup

The Roasted Vegetable
Andrea Chesman
Harvard Common Press (2002)
ISBN 1558321691

This book was a gift from a friend way back when roasted veggies started to become trendy. It's the place I store all the roasted vegetable articles I save. I pick it up occasionally when I have a glut of some veg needing to be used, but never seem to find anything that catches my eye. Strangely, Chesman completely ignores cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc., which is amazing to me since this family really takes well to roasting.

I'm also working through a sack of butternut squash, overflow from a friend's garden, so Curried Roasted Squash Soup here looked like a good bet. Butternut squash is really not my favorite—heresy, I know. Especially in a soup, I don't like the texture and I don't like the sweet taste. That said, this really wasn't a bad soup at all. And it's really simple to make using a staff mixer rather than a blender.

You start by roasting the squash. I did this earlier in the day, since we were out for the afternoon. The roasting could even be done the night before, I expect, then the soup would be quite quick to finish off.

When you're ready to make the soup, sauté some curry powder, minced ginger, cumin seeds, and red pepper flakes. When these are smelling really nice, add a lot of minced garlic. When the garlic softens, in a minute or two, add chicken or vegetable broth and the flesh of the roasted squash. Use your staff mixer to purée the squash (or do this in your regular blender in two or more batches). Stir in coconut milk and a goodly slog of lime juice, and heat until hot. Adjust salt and pepper to taste. The recipe calls for chopped cilantro to be stirred in just before serving. That's out of season right now, but I think it would be a nice addition.

My squash was a bit small (2#9oz vs the 3-4# asked in the recipe), but I used all the ingredients for flavor. Also, I probably doubled the amount of broth to make a thinner consistency. Result: a nice soup for a cold evening.

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  1. Kaye - I love this. I have never been a huge fan of pumpkin soup, but I really like butternut, and I aboslutely love all the flavourings in this. This is one I will definitely be trying. Love also that you could roast the butternut off earlier in the day, and then turn that into a very quicky supper.

    Thanks for sharing this at Cookbook Sundays.

    Sue xo

  2. A whole roasted veggie cookbook! What a great idea. We have a lot of root veggies in Canada - roasting is a great way to go with them.
    Lovely soup!