Monday, March 12, 2018

This week in the kitchen

Monday/12-Mar-18: Our meal today was Yellow Split Pea Soup (O&C, p159; cookbooker). Now, yellow split peas are only marginally more interesting than green split peas. I'm not sure why I thought adding some olive oil, an onion, and some chopped garlic was going to do something special. No, just some (quite well-cooked) yellow split peas. I made two of the suggest toppings, Pickled Red Onions (O&C, p159; cookbooker) and not-too-Wilted Cilantro Topping (O&C, p148; cookbooker).

These were good enough, but the best topping was some healthy slogs of Chipotle Tabasco. Mini ice cream bars for dessert.

Tuesday/13-Mar-18: I had lunch out today. Ed fended for himself.

Wednesday/14-Mar-18: Shopping today.

Our meal was a half recipe of Stir-Fried Prawns and Scallops in Black Bean and Tomato Butter Sauce (HomTrav, p88). This was pretty good, although the scallops shrunk a lot; I'll try to avoid that brand in the future. Served over basmati rice, with Mom's Cabbage Salad (MaiPham, 96) made with the end of a chineeskool. Ed thought this was a five-star cabbage slaw, even though I forgot to add the cucumber and mint leaves. Oops. Mini ice cream bars for dessert.

Put a pair of skate wings on to marinate overnight.

Yogurt on overnight.

Thursday/15-Mar-18: Our meal was Pan-Fried Skate with Vinegar, Dill, Shallots, and Tomato (O&C, p341). This is only the second time I've cooked skate, more successful than the last time, but not sure I need to do it again. This is fairly easy, and the sauce was quite tasty with the fish.

For a side, I heated up some of the Yellow Split Pea Soup and topped with Pickled Red Onions, when went with the skate sauce quite well. And there was Fried Eggplant with Feta and Basil (O&C, p276), which was good, a nice addition to one's eggplant repertoire.

Friday/16-Mar-18: I ate lunch out with a friend, while Ed fended for himself. Nothing further happened in the kitchen.

Saturday/17-Mar-18: I made a full recipe of Broccoli Meatballs with Garlic-Tomato Sauce (web). I used half the amount of canned tomatoes and still had plenty of sauce. Formed as patties instead of balls. They were good. Served with brown rice. Ice cream bars at the film later.

Yogurt on overnight.

Sunday/18-Mar-18: Discovered this morning that I'd defrosted the wrong bits of chicken for what I'd planned to cook. Oops. Quick replan.

Because there was an eggplant in the fridge wanting to be used, I made Clay Pot Chicken (O&C, p417), made with four thighs in a cast iron Dutch oven. This was quite tasty, although the veggies kind of disappeared. (I forgot to take a picture.) Served with orzo. Followed by a big salad.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 VEG/FISH: 4; #3 COOKBOOK: yes
Cookbooks of the month: O&C
This month: #4 PASTA: yes; #5 BREAD: no; #6 GUESTS: no

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