Monday, April 18, 2016

This week in the kitchen

Monday/18-Apr-16: Cleaning today and didn't feel like cooking. Defrost a pasta sauce (winter squash and beans) and served it over mushroom pasta. And a big salad. We were well-fed. We ate outside, even though we needed a jacket. The sun was shining and there was no wind where we sat. We have the idea we've eaten out earlier in the year, but I didn't note it, so this will do.

Yogurt on overnight.

Tuesday/19-Apr-16: I recently finished reading Diane Henry's A Change of Appetite, which I found via the I Heart Cooking Clubs group. I wasn't much impressed as I read it, there seemed to be too many of difficult to find ingredients and a bit to righteous in tone. I was surprised, though, how many recipes I had marked to try. Guess I'll have to keep it around for a bit.

Dinner was Red Lentil and Cauliflower Tomato Pulao (web), which was remarkably good (even though the gas ran out while the rice and lentils were first cooking. I used up the frozen cauliflower I bought, hoping it would be a good substitute for the real thing (it's hard to two people to finish a whole cauliflower, especially since Ed isn't overly fond of it), but I won't buy any more. We split an espresso magnum for dessert.

Wednesday/20-Apr-16: Dinner out after picking Bill up at the station. Nothing happened in the kitchen today except cleaning.

Thursday/21-Apr-16: Ed went after choir practice to buy tuna on sale at Intermarché, but there was none. So we had Boudins Noirs aux Oignons (web). The onions tasted quite bitter even after cooking long and slow, so I grated in a couple of apples at the last minute. Wasn't bad (Ed liked it). Unfortunately Bill doesn't really care for boudins noir. For a starter, I used up our carrots to make Grated Carrots with Vinaigrette (Secrets, p67). For dessert we had store-bought toetjes, some raspberry tarts.

Yogurt on overnight

Friday/22-Apr-16: Shopping today, a bit belated. Impulse bought some smoked salmon on sale, leading to tonight's starter.

Which, more or less, was Smoked Salmon Salad with Dill (BEFCC, p35). I didn't have the fennel, but it was good without it. For the main there was Duck with Peppercorns—Magret de Canard aux Grains de Poivre (BEFCC, p142). Good stuff.Served with smashed potatoes and peas with shallots. Cheese for after. We had a little bûche of goat cheese, and today I bought a small chees collection with tomme de Savoie, brie de Meaux, and fourme d'Ambert. All good. Unfortunately.

Saturday/23-Apr-16: Out all day today at the Phoenix book sale. Dinner out. Nothing happened ing the kitchen.

Sunday/24-Apr-16: We had our main meal early so we could go to an early evening concert. We had Quiche à l'Agneau, aux Épinards et à la Feta (web, VPG), using most of the cooked lamb from the freezer.  Cook stuff. The lamb and spinach went together exceptionally well. Then a salad. Then we left for the concert. Later we had some fruit and cheese.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: no; #2 VEG/FISH: 2
This month: #3 PASTA: no; #4 BREAD: no; #5 FotW: no for April/May

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