Monday, September 14, 2015

This week in the kitchen

Monday/14-Sep-15: Made a pair of Schlotsky's Rolls today, following a recipe that I got via EAT-L in September 1999! (Found the same recipe here.) Actually very much like Schlotsky's rolls. I really should get a pair of smaller pie plates to do these with. I used one pie plate and one cake tin about the same diameter, and they were both a bit too big. Really easy bread to make, no-knead and all that stuff.

Dinner was Broccoli Mac and Cheddar (web; cookbooker). This was pretty good. Then a salad. No dessert, since we'd had a bit of pomegranate molasses cake for lunch and didn't feel like more.

Tuesday/15-Sep-15: Lunch out today. Nothing much happened in the kitchen today.

Wednesday/16-Sep-15: Used the last my birthday tortillas to make cheese enchiladas, loosely based on Chile Queen Enchiladas (p58, TexMex). I used mimelotte and mozzarella as the cheese, which worked ok. And my variation on Mama's Spanish rice. No guacamole since the avocado was bad. That was all.

Thursday/17-Sep-15: We ate out at a quiz tonight. Nothing happened in the kitchen

Friday/18-Sep-15: Shopping today. A small one for unknown reasons. Looked for some small pie plates. Found some foil ones that looked like a possiblity. When I picked them up, I discovered they were for escargot, and had little dimples on the bottom to hold them.

Noticed that Blogspot no longer supports plus signs (+) in a tag name, but does support ampersand (&). A while back they didn't support ampersands, so I changed everything to pluses. Now it's the other way around. Wish they'd decide. And hope they don't change again.

Dinner was Oven Roasted Smoked Sausage and Potatoes (web; not sure at all where I got it from). Kind of comfort food. Easy to make, mostly unattended once it's in the oven. I might use hot paprika rather than sweet paprika next time. Served with a big salad. Some squares of chocolate for dessert.

Made up a half recipe of Clean Eating Thai Sweet Chili Sauce (web) and put the salmon onto marinate for tomorrow night's dinner.

Yogurt on overnight.

Saturday/19-Sep-15: Dinner was Clean Eating Baked Thai Salmon (web), which was pretty good and took no time to broil. Served with basmati rice, Broccoli in Oyster Sauce (p58, Delightful), and Cucumber Salad (p50, Delightful). All good. We split a classic magnum for dessert, then had a square or two of proper chocolate for the taste.

Sunday/20-Sep-15: Dinner was Greek Shrimp (p136, PastaMach) with Lemon Oregano Pasta (p65, PastaMach). The pasta was nice, but can't say it tasted of lemon or oregano. I used small shrimp (frozen) rather than the bigger ones, which wasn't the best choice. But it tasted fine. Then a salad. That was all.

Progress on goals
This week: #1 BACKLOG: yes; #2 UNUSED: yes; #3 GRAINS: no; #4 VEG/FISH: 4
This month: #5 PASTA: yes; #6 BREAD: yes; #7 FotW: holiday for August, no for September/October

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