Saturday, August 9, 2014

IHCC: Moreish Meals!

This week's theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs is Moreish Meals, something worth coming back to for seconds. And thirds. And fourths.

Cooking time was a bit limited this week and it seemed like time to make something sweetly moreish, so I had a quick look at Real Fast Puddings, a Nigel Slater book I've not really used before.

In the Spring section, I found a recipe for Chocolate Almonds (p133). Exactly why this is a spring recipe, I'm not sure, but I had the ingredients on-hand and a bit of time one evening, so it seemed like a go.

These are really simple to make, if a bit tedious. Melt some chocolate in a double boiler, either real or improvised. Toast some unskinned  almonds in a skillet till them smell good. Sprinkle a good bit of cocoa powder on some waxed paper. When the chocolate has melted, stir in the almonds. Then use a small spoon to lift them out one by one (says Slater, but I did them in groups of three to five, please don't tell him!), roll them in cocoa, and set aside to cool.

My 200g sack of almonds and a 100g bar of chocoate made enough nibbles to fill an old peanut butter jar.

The DH said he'd try just one, but he didn't manage that. He also very nicely said that these would give some competition to our local chocolatières. Well, they are pretty good.

Visit the latest post a I Heart Cooking Clubs to see what moreish foods other folks have been making.


  1. Ok, so I have a feeling this recipe would be very dangerous in my hands. Ha! My very favorite candy bar is the Hershey's with almonds. I just love that. I can see myself devouring these.

  2. Chocolate covered almonds are most definitely "moreish." ;-) They look yummy and well worth the time to make them.

  3. A jar of these would be gone in no time if it is right in front of me! Crunch! Crunch! yum!

  4. I shouldn't do that recipe ;-) I couldn't stop eating those chocolate covered almonds ...

  5. These definitely wouldn't last long around here! I love your choice of chocolate.

  6. Moreish hardly begins to describe it. These would be positively lethal around here - I would not be able to leave them alone :-)