Saturday, May 24, 2014

IHCC: Veg Out!

We have a visitor this week who isn't really keen on eating his vegetables, so I try a bit to make them a featured part of our meals. In The 30-Minute Cook, I found Escalope of Pork with Asparagus and Cheese, which sounded especially promising because I recently bought some pork scallops on sale and they were in the freezer wanting to be used.

Slater apparently has a soft spot for canned asparagus, which I find pretty disgusting. I couldn't see what the big deal was about asparagus until I was served some fresh from the garden. There's a world of difference, and all for the better. This week at the shop there were only white asparagus. We usually prefer green and they would certainly make this a more colorful dish.

The pork scallops are beaten out to about 1/4" (if they're not already that thin), then dipped in flour and fried in olive oil and butter for a few minutes on each side. They're then laid on a baking sheet, topped with the asparagus (canned ones drained or fresh ones steamed) and some grated cheese (your choice—I used comté, which I usually have in the freezer), then popped under the grill for a few minutes. While the cheese in melting, make a bit of pan sauce by deglazing the pan with Marsala. (I didn't have any so used the evening's red wine.)

I didn't have as much cheese as Slater asks, but it was more than enough. He definitely likes his cheese.

Check this week's I Heart Cooking Clubs to see what veggie treats other folks are cooking up.


  1. Ha ha! Yes, I've noticed Nigel loves his cheese. That is just perfectly fine with me because I love cheese just as much. I've never had white asparagus but I imagine it tastes the same. This entire meal is right up my alley. That crispy fried pork....yum-o!

  2. It looks like a great way to sneak some veggies in. ;-) I am not a fan of canned asparagus either--especially when good, fresh asparagus is available.

  3. These look delicious, pork with asparagus! I have never tried the canned ones before, we always have fresh asparagus throughout the year. The combination of pork, asparagus and cheese sounds really good!

  4. I, too, have never tried canned asparagus (and based on what you've said about it, probably never will!) but I do like fresh, white. It sounds like it would be especially good with cheese and that pan sauce.

  5. As far as I remember, I didn't like canned asparagus, but cheese makes everything edible ;-)

  6. Delicious looking meal, Kaye. I adore asparagus (fresh that is) - it is hands down, bar none, my favourite vegetable and for the short time that it is in season I eat it nearly every day. It's always the green stuff - we don't really get white asparagus here. I'm quite surprised to learn of Nigel's passion for tinned asparagus - to me it has only one place and that is in the ubiquitous asparagus roll which shows up in New Zealand (along with the curried eggs) at every "bring a plate" function imaginable.